Marina Anisina basking in the arms of a mysterious alien

Марина Анисина нежится в объятиях загадочного иностранца The skater has told about the acquaintance with a handsome man. Maria Anisina admits that with Frenchman Roman Ducasse it enjoyed cordial relations. Fans immediately suggested that the star have once again parted ways with Nikita Dzhigurda.

Maria Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda considered to be one of the most notorious couples of domestic show-business. A few months ago, the couple broke up after the scandal, but after we decided to reconcile and begin again to live together. Now the athlete spends all his free time abroad, and the actor visits her periodically.

Recently, however, Marina began to put on Instagram sharing photos with an attractive man. Fans immediately became interested in the identity of the mysterious stranger, and Anisina hastened to introduce him.

“At the fashion show I met a very interesting and smart man. Professional. A wonderful cook! Sparkling affair Ducasse saw almost all of my ice dancing. It compliments French refined,” he signed the skater.

Fans of the athletes noted that they are harmoniously blended together. However, Marina has not commented on the status of the relationship with the enigmatic Frenchman.

Nikita Dzhigurda was quick to point out that no believe in cheating spouses. According to the actor, Marina and Roman are purely friendship.

However, the new Anisina those posts on Instagram made her fans again to talk about a new relationship figure skater. The young woman laid out not only a few pictures with Ducasse, but also live their passion of dance.

“Learn from Dzhigurda. Roman dances as well as Nikita,” said Nikita.

Fans of the Marina was divided into two camps. Many of them wished him happiness in a new relationship, but most agreed that the pictures with a mysterious stranger are intended to whet your interest in the personal lives of the star couple. “Make no mistake, these videos clearly shoots Nikita. He is carefully watching what happens between them” “do Not believe that after so many years she could leave the Chair”, “wish you Happiness and love, regardless of who ultimately will choose,” wrote the fans of the athletes.

Marina herself continues to ignore the rumors about the new novel. The star clearly gets pleasure from communication with an attractive fan, but to comment on the relationship with him is not yet ready.