Ksenia Borodina defended her husband from critics on the Network

Ксения Бородина защитила мужа от критики в Сети The presenter explained why there was less talk about her family. Ksenia Borodina sure that her husband – the best dad. The star confessed his love to his relatives and said that she is absolutely sure that they love her.
Ксения Бородина защитила мужа от критики в Сети

Leading “House-2” Ksenia Borodina and her husband Kurban Omarov was able to build a harmonious relationship and become the perfect couple. Together they have three children and periodically share with subscribers of numerous moments your family happiness. However, not all followers are ready to rejoice in others ‘ successes. Husband of Ksenia Kurban in recent years, often have to deal with negative statements in his address.

Ksenia Borodina responded harshly to fans pozloslovit on other people’s pages. The presenter clearly gave to understand that does not allow anyone to hurt his family members, which she is incredibly proud of and cherishes.

“The family is the greatest happiness for any normal person and more important than this nothing can be. Seven is when you deserve people who love you with every fiber of his soul, not for something, but just because you’re their family, and they – yours. There is nothing better than homemade tea with lemon, home walls, children’s laughter from the fact that my father at 12 at night decided to launch firecrackers, which were purchased back in the summer. (…) We have our dad to not give offense and will not allow. So his advice to leave their “ideal husbands” – wrote Ksenia Borodina on his page in Instagram, posting a photo with her husband and children.

The star also reported that more recently she made the decision not to publish in the microblogging photographs depicting everyday life and holidays of her family.

“And blame us in the history of life on the outside is not necessary, because less and less we began to share the good, because we understand that let it be us, than to listen to someone’s accusations, and the remaining picture for those who loves us and believes in us,” concluded Ksenia Borodina.

Loyal fans supported telediva. They admit that they admire, as Xenia and her husband Kurban build their relationship and support each other. Ksenia Borodina made a memorable party for my husband

“Your family is very decent, and seldom read these evil Insta-commentators”, “Beautiful and big family. In life all people have found different. Everyone is happy to judge, but I would have looked at them if their life was watched millions”, “Xenia, you’re right. Happiness love peace. Not worth anything to anyone to show you around one of anger and envy. You are very cool and happy. Your good family,” expressed members under the post Ksenia Borodina.