Yulia Volkova congrats on the third pregnancy

Юлию Волкову поздравляют с третьей беременностью Fans believe that the singer is in an interesting position. They were quick to wish the health of both the star and her future baby. Yulia Volkova has no answer to talk about the new addition to the family.
Юлию Волкову поздравляют с третьей беременностью

Yulia Volkova has two children, regularly shares photos with joint heirs. The young woman is very proud of the achievements of her son and daughter, emphasizing that their family had established warm, friendly relations. However, fans of the star are confident that very soon the former soloist of group “Tatu” will once again be a mother.

Rumors of a third child, Julia long walk among her fans. They noted that in Instagram a young woman mainly divided images, which show waist. Recent frame in full growth has caused a new wave of discussions, and many fans rushed to congratulate Volkov with the upcoming addition to the family.

“It’s the tummy? If so, congratulations”, “I think, or is it a confirmation of pregnancy? Julia’s glowing”, “Congratulations. I hope the baby is born healthy,” wrote fans Volkova in the comments to her pictures.

However, among the followers of the singer were those who felt that the girl had chosen just a bad angle in the picture. Julia herself has not commented on the pregnancy rumors.

After her breakup with Parviz by Azimovym in 2010, the artist prefers not to advertise personal life. In social media she posts to only those images depicting one or with the children. Volkov does not tire of emphasizing that the daughter and son have changed her attitude to the world. Recently the heir to the stars under the age of 13, and happy mother hastened to congratulate touching the girl.

“With what speed time flies! You today for 13 years. Happy birthday, my love. Are you a huge well done to all! My pride and, by the way, is already largely in my example,” wrote the singer.

In honor of Victoria, a young woman threw a large party. The event was attended by numerous friend of the girl, and Yulia gave the heiress some valuable gifts. The star herself has chosen for celebration rather revealing dress, which emphasized her slim legs.

A little later, Volkova posted another picture, which the fans saw a rounded tummy. They believe that very soon the star will officially announce her pregnancy.