Марат Башаров станет отцом во второй раз

The girl actor met on the Internet, expecting a baby.

If fate doesn’t want the actor was alone. Cost him a divorce from Catherine Ancharovoj, as he got a new lover. The Bank employee Elizabeth Shevarkov wrote to Marat in “Facebook”, and idol invited her on a date!

The story of Marat and Elizabeth is like a fairy tale. To write star in the social network and not only to get the answer, but to go with the idol on a date. It’s incredible! But everything in order.

In March last year, the actor officially divorced his second wife, actress Catherine Ancharovoj. This pair discussed the whole country, and all because a few months after the wedding Catherine went to the hospital with a broken nose and concussion that he received during an argument with her husband. Stars have long had it out in talk shows and eventually divorced. As it turned out, at about the same time in the life of Marat already has a new girlfriend.

Elizabeth Shevarkov wrote in “Facebook” that he dreams of a date with him. And when Basharov again became free, fan reminded myself and was invited abroad. Together with Lisa Marat flew to Prague. And the story is not over.

Before the New year Lisa and Marat came, and in the recess together with the first wife of actor Elizabeth Crocco and their daughter Amelie couple went to the Swiss Alps.

As it turned out, at that moment friend of the actor was already pregnant. The other day Marat confirmed the news and said that Lisa is expecting a boy.

“I will son, God will provide. Fingers crossed”, the actor said, writes Hello!

Can only be glad for the couple and wish that this love story finally came together.

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