Daughter Valerie shot a video about his life

Дочь Валерии сняла клип про свою жизнь

A young singer in a joking manner told of how rumours and gossip about her personal life.

It’s no secret that child stars life is not easy – almost from birth, are watching them closely journalists and compare them with successful parents. Not escaped this fate and the eldest daughter of the singer Valeria. However, in her case the media are concerned not only the external voice and the resemblance of mother and daughter, but what happens in his personal life daughter of the famous singer. Anna Shulgina 22 years, the enviable bride. Naturally, everyone’s wondering who occupied her heart. The girl decided to tell about it. “All the tabloids and paparazzi dedicated!” – announced its new clip, the singer.

Their first creative steps Anna Shulgin began a couple of years ago – first played in the theater, then tried his hand as a TV presenter, and then began to sing. Ever since the young singer two times more often began to hear in the address comparing how similar her voice is to the voice of her famous mother.

“I realized long ago: become a dentist though, and there found, anything to compare with her mother – Shulgin admitted in an interview with “Antenna”. — Constantly hear: “Oh, but she is not like Valeria, even different hair color”. But I want to ask: “Why should there be a copy?” Not that don’t want to be like mom. It is certainly a bright personality. But I’m a person. Hopefully, I will be able to distance myself from my mother’s image.”

Hoping to figure out who’s Dating the daughter of Valeria, the paparazzi found the girl almost around the clock surveillance. So were born the rumors that the star daughter with a mulatto, with a rapper, it is still not clear with whom. Where, they say, the mother looks? Valeria was speechless.

The answer decided to give herself Anna Shulgina, and all at once: journalists, fans, and potential suitors. The singer shot a video, which showed, as a born gossip around her life, and hinted that this was her boyfriend. no one will ever know.

The video begins with a review of the titles of the various journals and Newspapers, “Daughter Valerie in the jacket on a naked body”, “Daughter Valeria doesn’t hide your love”, “the network has candid photos daughter, Valeria”. And after the video: here she started on the treadmill at the gym, next – unknown mulatto raises the bar, and suddenly his back jammed. Attentive Anna went to ask if the guy is good, he put his arm around to help him walk, and at this very moment they are photographed. As a result: joint photo in the magazine with the headline: “Anna Shulgina meets mulatto”.

In fact, sings on Anna, sitting in the kitchen, “Oh no one will recognize us and do not write posters. About love our shy silent all headers”.

In the background a man is preparing Breakfast, but his face is not visible. That’s how cunning Anya. All of paparazzi made it clear that they are trying in vain. Only she and her family will be aware of her personal life.

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