Долголетие мужа зависит от образованности жены

Scientists believe that a smart wife organizes correct rest and diet blessed.

“Marry smart, and Dating beautiful.” How many times have we heard this phrase… But how many of us thought she was a character from one of envy!

Now this excuse will not work! The staff of Stockholm University conducted a study and came to the conclusion: the smarter the wife lives longer than the husband. So it turns out: marry the clever, receive a longevity bonus.

One conclusion: researchers are advised to select mates with high IQs. Supposedly, intelligent wife and fed healthy food, and recreation organizes properly. And, of course, all this affects the health of the household head.

But representatives of a strong half of mankind, as it turned out, the lifespan of household members may affect only one way to bring home more money. Because fruits, vegetables expensive, especially in a crisis.

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