Like a Princess: blogger taught to do curls forks

Как принцесса: блогер научила делать локоны вилками

Wherever you were, you should not deny yourself the coolest hairstyle. Most importantly, you need a fork!

With the advent of beauty bloggers and the social networking lives of millions of girls around the world easier. Bloggers come up with new trends: thanks to them we learned how to treat acne banana peel to do my hair in 15 seconds and even learn how to use both 4-5 masks on the face!

And of course we could not pass up videoblogger from Switzerland and nick thebeautyelite. Inspired by a favorite with many cartoon childhood, the girl showed how to use plastic forks 25 can be done curls in 10 minutes!

Video published Amrah (@thebeautyelite) Nov 21 2016 at 6:59 PST

“No Curling iron? No problem! Instead, use a disposable fork. I used all 24 and left them for about 10 minutes, a little dry with a Hairdryer. I’m sure if you soak them longer, the curls will be more cool” – shared his life hacking a girl.

Just like Ariel! The packing tool, plugs and Hairdryer – you can find in any apartment!