Actresses of “Sex and the city” forced to lose weight

Актрис «Секса в большом городе» заставляли худеть

Cynthia Nixon has admitted that the producers of the show wanted to have the heroines were the model image.

This series is known to everybody in the age from 15 to 50 years! Still, “Sex in the city” is an iconic series, which millions of girls learned to be fashionable and sexy.

Cynthia Nixon, who played the role of Miranda in the series, the absolute prototype of Sarah Jessica Parker in the series, and in life.

Cynthia is of the opinion that beauty should be natural, but on the set of Actresses forced to be “all”.

“In “Sex and the city,” we had to stay slim and look good all the time, between 25 and 45 usually offer to play someone’s mom, which is great, but not so interesting from the point of view of character and drama. The roles that I played after 50, allow me to be more difficult, spiteful, even if you play again, someone’s mother,” explained his point of view Nixon The Edit.

“Television often playing catch-up, and “Sex in the city” is a good example. We have shown that women actually think not just about marriage. The audience looked and saw myself,” added the star.

Indeed, in recent times we often hear of stories of girls that don’t fit the 90-60-90 standard, but prove to the world that can be models, Actresses and beauty ideals.