Russia chose the most beautiful flight attendant

Russia chose the most beautiful flight attendant

The inhabitant of Krasnoyarsk Anna Gurina won the competition “Top most beautiful flight attendants Russia in 2016.”

In Moscow for the third time chose the most beautiful flight attendants Russia in two directions: linear aviation and business aviation. So the two beauties received the proud title itself and a Golden diadem. In the final fought for the victory with 28 girls.

25-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk Anna Gurina, a flight attendant of the airline NordStar, won among the representatives of the linear aircraft. The second was Alena Currants from Stary Oskol, the third place – Yulia Yalova from Yekaterinburg. The winner in the “Business aviation” – Inga Kavun from Volgograd.

In the final stage of the competition the girls presented the dance numbers and also made a “business card” – told the jury about yourself and your work. To get to the final, the contestants had to perform some professional tasks: for example, to demonstrate their actions in extreme situations or to provide skills of organization of service on Board the aircraft.

In the finale during the talent Anna Gurina told his own poem about Krasnoyarsk, sky and the competition. By the way, according to the organizers of the competition, thanks to their beautiful competition this charming brunette met her husband. He was one of the spectators of the contest and met up with Anna after casting.

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From the interview that Anja gave to the official website of the competition, aware that she was a flight attendant for three years. At the same time to fly never had a dream. Friend Ani became a flight attendant and so captivated the girl with his stories about flights, impressions of new cities that Gurin decided to try and fell in love with this profession. In her spare time she skates and roller skates, loves skiing and Cycling.

By the way, in the final of the competition involved, except for Ani, four beautiful representatives of Krasnoyarsk. As often happens in competitions of beauties among the participants, in addition to the main titles are distributed wins additional nominations. Krasnoyarka Hell Ibragimova got the title “Miss Chkalov”. Ada was surprised the jury with his creative room. A year and a half ago, during the flight one passenger happened contractions. And Hell had to take delivery… right in the sky!

By the way, Ada was expected to win website visitors to Woman’s Day. Her first place predicted by 728 people.