Liberi Kadono: “Men are afraid to come to me”

Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти» After a divorce, the star of “House-2” decided to restore their health and, first and foremost, to relieve nervous tension. Liberi Kadono changed your circle of contacts, and also reviewed the views of the men. Now she knows exactly what a life partner would like to see.

      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»

      During his stay at the famous telestroke “Dom-2” Liberi Kadono managed to catch the fancy of viewers and won the love of one participant – Evgeniya Rudneva. Young people played a magnificent wedding, however, their Union was short-lived. Just six months after marrying, they disappointed fans with news about the divorce. But, as recognized Liberi personally for her the parting was a real liberation. The former participant of “House-2” told “StarHit” that now appreciates in men, what dreams and how he builds his life.

      Liberi Kadono and Evgeny Rudnev divorced

      Since your divorce with Evgeny Rudnev’s been almost a year. During this time, you revised the Outlook on men? Now what attracts you in the first place?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»Now for me the most important thing for a man to be purposeful, so he looked forward and knew exactly what he wants. This is the most important. Well, with realization of this, I think, can even help! The main thing that people were open and kind. And to correct you the one who opened my heart, and who lives with the understanding that the entire world is happiness. And those that only think about where to grab, where would be better to get such change is impossible.—
      You mentioned once that stop you married men – you do not intend in any case to break someone else’s family. What else pushes you in the opposite sex?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»Yes, married and I have not even considered – who have families and children – such are eliminated automatically. I don’t like illiterate people and those who are stuck in the 90s. I mean, who has focused on friends, brothers than on his life and career. And anyway, I’m very sensitive to people – when people come to me to learn, I feel their energy. This applies not only to men that I meet, but all people. I immediately realize with whom we should communicate, and who is not quite my man. —
      As a notice, you have a very happy family. What advice would you give parents about choosing a young man?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»My parents just support me and are close by. There is nothing that mom or dad will start trying to tell me with whom to communicate and with whom not. They accept my choice.
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»
      After breaking up with Evgeny Rudnev you maintain contact with him?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»We don’t really communicate. Only saw him on TV in “House-2” when he was expelled from the island. And that’s all. And so, I do not follow his life, we have General acquaintances, almost none. Everyone with whom we spoke, this is my circle of friends he really was not. And social networks only see in groups of “House-2”, you know, he had different girls, really, so much that I even do not think.—
      Sometimes after a divorce, after a while, some regret that broke up with their ex-husbands or wives. You have such a feeling does not arise?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»No, absolutely not worried that we got divorced. It was unfortunate that I married. Now sometimes I think that all the money we spent on the wedding, you had better to spend for divorce, because he brought me more happiness. Over time in marriage, I spent too much nerves. Lost 15 kilograms. If weighed about 60, that at the time of divorce is already 47 pounds. It was hard for me. First and foremost, it was a shame to parents that I make such a mistake. Also shame to those who believed in me. I have a big fan group, my companions, they believed in me and developed it’s not very nice.
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»
      As was recovering from a difficult family life?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»First, I passed all the tests which could not be done for a long time. To be honest, I was a little hormonal disruptions because of severe fatigue – I was pushing himself too hard, was too large range of what I was doing. This was very nervous. But all over, and the treatment really helped me. And secondly, now I communicate only with pleasant to me people. Those who do not seek me because of the media, and just love. As it turned out, in order to recover, it was enough to change the environment. On the project, at that time, when I was there, the team was against me. Yes, my companions voted for me, showed the whole country that they are for me. Of course, that not everyone liked me and began the attack. It so happened that at the same time I felt the love from the audience, and at the same time hatred of the other participants in the project.—
      Now you are pretty much time and efforts are paying, career and business, thereby creating the image of a strong and self-sufficient girl. It doesn’t interfere with your personal life?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»Is not the word! To me not that afraid to approach, but even to call! I’m surprised – after all, I’m just a girl who tries to achieve success. And I am on my way to achieving my goals. While I don’t have the wealth you dream about. I’m an ordinary girl with ambitious plans for the future. I want to see next to a person who would have supported me. Now I develop my jewelry business, plans to start another project for the delivery of healthy food. But while it only in plans for implementation has not yet started. —
      What are the qualities of a man to win your heart?
      Либерж Кпадону: «Мужчины боятся ко мне подойти»First and foremost, it needs to be kind, to love children, animals is the most important thing. But, of course, the erudite, to him it was always possible to talk. Here it is important not even the presence of the red diploma, namely life experience. I wonder if the man had some complicated situation, and he was able of them to adequately reach. I am pleased with such talk. Must be goal-oriented. And I have always admired people who reached into their area huge success. I’m always happy when I see how the person manages to overcome a lot to achieve your goal. I see next to a man slightly older than me by 5-8 years. With peers is unlikely that I will be able to build. And, of course, to the young man was quite temperamental, I still have African blood flowing!

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