Dmitry Koldun has unveiled newborn daughter

Дмитрий Колдун рассекретил новорожденную дочь Recently the singer for the second time became a father. The artist’s wife Victoria gave him a charming girl called Alice. She is now about a month. Happy father shared a photo of the child in social networks.

      Дмитрий Колдун рассекретил новорожденную дочь

      At the moment, the singer Dmitry Koldun spends time with his loved ones. Filming the show “hair’s Breadth” in Moscow is over, and the artist finally returned to his family, to spend time with newborn daughter Alice, who was born in late April of this year, as well as to communicate with his eldest son Ian (the baby is now two years old) and his beloved wife Victoria.

      In his microblog Sorcerer posted a touching photo, which captured a rare moment of family harmony. After all, the singer is constantly forced to spend time away from the heirs and spouses from filming, touring and other features of human life, working in show business. So minutes that it shares with its relatives — one of the most joyful for Dmitry.

      “My daughter’s eyes pleases daddy”, — has signed a joint picture with a gorgeous baby Warlock. It should be noted that the photograph can not see the face of the child as a whole. So do many celebs who don’t want their children to become “stars” ahead of time. In an attempt to protect the child from the publicity of famous people are often published in social networks pictures of kids in a half turn or from the back. Some figures of show business and did not prefer to share on their pages images of children.

      Дмитрий Колдун рассекретил новорожденную дочь

      Fans of Dmitry, who saw for the first time his younger successor, noted that it is very similar to his famous dad. Many also wished the family of the singer the best of luck. “Beautiful eyes! Health daughter and your whole family”, “I Wish you health and good luck”, “Ah, these eyes, precious”, “You are very similar”, “Son — copy mother, but the daughter look like dad”, “the similarity of the eyes obvious,” “Daddy’s girl”, “Let it grow healthy,” wrote the subscribers of the singer in the comments to the publication.

      By the way, the eldest son of the artist does not hide. Sometimes Dmitry shared with fans photos of his wife and two year old Yana. First, the artist thought it necessary to share the details of a child’s life, but the passage of time began to lift the veil over how his son grows. Many fans of the Sorcerer I suppose that outwardly, the boy reminds his mother Victoria. According to Dmitry, he wanted his heir studied in Minsk. According to the Sorcerer, it will be safer for Yana.

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