Yuri Stoyanov for a long time was posing as another person

Юрий Стоянов долгое время выдавал себя за другого человека In the 80s, the artist portrayed the famous actor, to order a taxi quickly without waiting. Yuri Stoyanov originally came to the question of solving the problem of getting around the city. However, soon Yuri Stoyanov exposed.

      Юрий Стоянов долгое время выдавал себя за другого человека

      Now to find quickly a taxi is not difficult – for example, just a couple of clicks through the app in your phone. You can select the class of car, and the system of payment by mileage or by time. Otherwise, the situation in the 80s: people had to vote for a long time on the sidelines. Then we had to pay 20 cents for landing and the same for each subsequent kilometer. Privileges enjoyed only by celebrities. However, Yuri Stoyanov in their number then was not included. 58-year-old Creator of “the Town” and a member of the jury of the program “one to One!” now boasts its own car, and in Soviet times, the novice actor had to use the name of well-known colleagues in order to get from the theater to the house.

      “We were at the service Yura did in 1978, right after the theatrical Institute and worked for 17 years – says the “StarHit” Benjamin Kaplan, head of the archives of the Bolshoi drama theatre in St. Petersburg. – He was absolutely not like other young actors. Always punctual, regulasi. “Sinned” only one – their parody. We have them in the theatre to this day remember. Yura was carrying, he was so open and easy in communication, that all these innocent jokes have always gotten away with it. For example, goes past the dressing rooms, and specifically speaks in the voice of the main theater Director Georgy Tovstonogov. Instantly everything fell silent – the Maestro loved and simultaneously feared. And once it happened here’s the story.

      Yura lived very far away from the theater, and just didn’t like to walk. We all wondered how he always so quickly serves the best machine right to the door, despite the fact that to order a taxi in Leningrad was virtually impossible. To wait for the car had to spend hours, and even taxi drivers often refuse to drive long distances or cheat counter twice for each “extra” kilometers. Once I revealed the secret.

      Юрий Стоянов долгое время выдавал себя за другого человека

      Near the stage we had the fire Department there, as expected, stood the official telephone. Once I pass by and hear the voice of Vladislav Strzhelchik, the greatest actor in Leningrad, it knew everything. He says: “taxi for Me, please! Yes, hurry!” I wouldn’t even pay attention to this characteristic tone from behind the scenes, if a minute had not talked to him in the dressing room. How could a 60-year-old actor so quickly descend from the second floor, has caused me confusion, so I decided to come closer. Look, Stoyanov is with the phone in hand and parodies the voice” His manner of speaking was impossible for anyone to confuse – he always talked a little singsong voice, stretching the vowels mannered, and slightly nose – so that the voice appeared a French accent.

      This story quickly spread around the theatre, and of course we laughed for a long time over how deftly the Jura drives a taxi drivers nose. Strzelczyk, by the way, knew about the pranks of colleagues, but treated them with humor. Yuri and Vladislav Ignatievich were generally very friendly. Unfortunately, in 1995, our legendary artist died, Stoyanov was on tour, so could not come to the funeral. They say, very much because of this experienced.

      Юрий Стоянов долгое время выдавал себя за другого человека

      He did to all in the theater were treated with kindness and respect. I remember one day – whether in the day of his birth, or after some of the premiere – presented to colleagues a huge box of chocolates, put on the table right behind the scenes. This was not expected, because in times of shortage was not accepted “to bear”. He constantly poked fun at his neighbor in the dressing room. This young man had no cigarettes, he supposedly quit Smoking himself and at every opportunity “fired” them from the Jura. In the hallway, one can often see a painting: they are talking, a temperamental roommate recites some sort of speech and then between words literally throw, casually: “And let me get a cigarette”. So, we can say, for a long time Stoyanov was just his sponsor.

      Yura in the company everyone loved, treated him with great respect. He played mostly secondary characters. The role of Mozart in the play “Amadeus” has become the most important in his theatrical career. But he perfectly revealed and parody his acting talent in a duet with Ilya Oleynikov in “Town”.

      Юрий Стоянов долгое время выдавал себя за другого человека

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