Lancaster дарит подарки в преддверии лета

Only 31 of may in RIVE GAUCHE “Color” will be held a big celebration Lancaster. The rich programme: discounts, gifts and surprises. Don’t miss your opportunity to stock up on sunscreen and reliable to meet the summer head-on.

For complete preparation for the fly is not bright enough bikinis, flip flops and a straw hat without sunscreen in the hot period can not do. The last day of spring, may 31, in RIVE GAUCHE “Color” will be a big promotion famous brand Lancaster is a great reason to revise seasonal Arsenal and stock up on most used beauty products that will help to get an even tan and it does not earn burns. The range also provides a means to prepare the skin to tan and increase its effect. All buyers in this day, waiting for a nice 25% discount, as well as useful gifts at the cash register, beach bag, tool for styling, miniatures beauty bestsellers.

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When choosing sunscreen creams and sprays we recommend to pay attention to the ones that were created with innovative technology Full Light Technology: it allows components to operate in three areas (absorption, reflection and neutralization), resulting in a complete protection against all types of rays of the solar spectrum.

To create a summer mood invited stylists will make everyone girls trendy styling, manicures saturated colors or will cause a flash tattoo, and at 17:00 all fans of the brand will be invited to a celebratory Banquet.

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