Net work: “the Black pearl” presented beauty tools 2 in 1

Чистая работа: «Черный жемчуг» представил бьюти-средства 2 в 1

The daily program of skin care traditionally begins with cleansing followed by moisturizing and nourishing. Thanks to the innovations of the brand “Black pearl” habitual ritual has undergone a qualitative change.

New cosmetic series “Black pearl” for the first time allows you to start skin care when you remove cosmetics from the face. The secret is that the cleansing products, “Black Pearl CLEANSING + CARING” are made with 20% active serum that starts from the moment of washing. While the cleansers gently remove dirt, conditioning ingredients penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and continue to “work” even after you rinse residues with water funds. In the composition of serum – hyaluronic acid, collagen and the fluid extract of Camellia. This anti-aging “cocktail” maintains skin elasticity, moisturizes it and gives it a radiant look. Moreover, follow-up care will now become much more efficient, because the intensity of the impact of healthy ingredients will literally double.

A wide variety of kinds of body cleansing products in the series “Black Pearl CLEANSING + CARING” allows you to choose the way of cleansing that is most familiar to you and to combine it with comfortable care. So, in a line for dry and sensitive skin includes the cream cleanser, skin care toner, lotion for removing make-up, lotion, makeup remover, micellar water for the face, eyelids and lips. Line for normal and combination skin includes gel cleanser, airy foam mousse, refreshing tonic and facial scrub. Adding new items in your script with care, you will ensure the impeccable skin cleansing and great food without wasting time and money.

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