Just like van Gogh: masterpieces of painting on the nails

Совсем как Ван Гог: шедевры живописи на ногтях

Professionals nail Polish on the nails creating tiny copies of paintings by famous artists.

Trends from social networks are gaining popularity instantly. Let somebody from trendsetters to come up with cool, unusual make-up or manicure, a trend picked up by hundreds of users “Instagram”.

This time we stopped his eyes on shevirah incredible nail art. The hashtag #ppnailartannual2016 in Instagram, you can find a lot of options… pictures on the nails!

Copies of paintings by Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet and Auguste Renoir on the nails look unreal: a riot of colors and precisely selected shape of trees, flowers and houses. With the help of fine brushes and many multicolored paints to create a work that would be a pity to erase from the nail. Of course, this work takes several hours, and perform it will be able only a professional.

By the way, recently we admired as a makeup artist tal Peleg transforms eyelids into canvases, which depict the magical, so familiar and native drawings.

“Art became part of my life for as long as I can remember. Since my childhood I have loved makeup and have always believed that this amazing art form. When I was a makeup artist do theatre artists, and my passion for makeup grew with each passing day,” Peleg told the portal Mashable. Each eye takes in average three hours! The work of makeup artist can be viewed for hours… This is not a perfect arrow to draw!

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