Кэти Холмс и Джейми Фокс снова замечены вместе

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx continue to deny his affair, but Hollywood actor and actress once again spotted taking a walk together. A couple from time to time see in Europe – only there celebrities away from Hollywood and can openly Express feelings to each other, in America they continue to hide their love. under the guise of friendship.

Nevertheless, the star of the movie “Django” and his equally famous girlfriend caught in Los Angeles at the Century City shopping center Mall. The artists were dressed in ugly casual clothes and hid his eyes behind sunglasses. Behind them were backpacks – probably a visit to a Mall was just one of the many destinations Kathy and Jamie.
Recall that after the divorce with Tom cruise, the father of her only daughter Suri, Katie so, none of them publicly was not associated with romantic relationships. With Fox she is credited with a novel for many years, and despite the fact that it is confirmed by numerous friends to lovers, they persist with their friendship.