Алекс Смерфит был уличен в связи с экс-участницей «Дома-2» Businessman offered Marina Mexico to live with him. The girl met Alex in social networks and among them was a fascinating correspondence. Smurfit drew a striking brunette, and he invited her to visit.
Алекс Смерфит был уличен в связи с экс-участницей «Дома-2»
Алекс Смерфит был уличен в связи с экс-участницей «Дома-2»

After breaking up with Victoria Bonneuil in February of this year, Alex smerfit instantly became one of the most desirable grooms. A businessman from Monaco began attending a loud party attended by glamorous models from around the world. In social networks on microblog entrepreneur signed up hundreds of lonely girls wanting to get his attention. Among the many fans of Smurfit was ex-participant of “House-2” Marina Mexico, which began to communicate with him in private messages.

“We met on Instagram: I left a few comments under his photos, and he wrote to me in direct. Then exchanged phone numbers and talked every day,” said the girl.

The model told that in two weeks they are so akin that Alex offered to meet. The businessman promised to the ex-participant reality show to buy plane tickets.

“From the moment we began to live the day of our date. When asked which hotel I better stop, Alex protested. Said I was going to live with him, and we’ll be together,” said the Mexico.

However, the situation turned in favor of the model. Gradually, they began to correspond less in social Networks, and Alex began to ignore her messages, leaving them unanswered.

“I explained that the problems at work, came up with a bunch of excuses. It bothered me, and I too began to ignore his SMS. I started communicating with other men, went to parties, starred in the clip to be distracted,” said Marina.

According to the girl, in a short time she met a new chosen one who was able to surround her with attention and care. As stated the model of the magazine “Dom-2”, she blocked the number Smerfit in the phone. Mexico insecure, so try not to take to heart problems in relationships with men.

The star of “House-2” Mexico was suspected of providing sexual services for money

By the way, some time ago, Marina has been accused that she earns at the meetings with the oligarchs. “When a man offers me sex for money, then immediately drops in my eyes, you just want to spit in his face. For the “magic” I was offered a large amount – from 50 thousand to 2.5 million, but to me it’s taboo,” said Mexico.