Суд запретил Дане Борисовой свободно общаться с дочерью The presenter fell into despair. Dana Borisova is on treatment in Thailand, and its successor Polina Aksenova lives with his dad. Now the woman will be able to see the child only during certain hours.
Суд запретил Дане Борисовой свободно общаться с дочерью

At the end of April mom of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova sounded the alarm – she went to Andrey Malakhov with a request to save her daughter. As found Katherine, a celebrity became a drug addict. After the signal of the native person friends decided to help and a deceit has taken her to a hospital in Thailand. Dana Borisova suddenly returned to Moscow

This is 10-year-old daughter Polina, which in the period of stay of mother in the clinic, is with his father, Maxim Aksenov. Now Dana can see his daughter only at certain times.

“Such a heavy settlement agreement which was made in court today, allowing me to communicate with her daughter from 14 to 15 hours and only in the presence of her father, not even waiting I. I would like to say that I’m really struggling with rehabilitation, but despite the excruciating desire to be close to Pauline, I understand that my child needs me healthy, and all the trials I go through. And I believe that Pauline will still be proud of me, and Maxim, which does not allow me to communicate with her, after all she would tell her mother ever come back”, wrote Borisov in the microblog.

Fans were quick to cheer Dana. They believe that celebrity will cope with any adversity for the sake of the child. “Danochka, you’re clever! Hang in there, fight, don’t give up! You can do this, and daughter will be with you. Now everything depends on you. And we believe in you, and you will succeed. Good luck”, “Danochka, honey, everything passes and this will pass. You spiritual health and strength. Sending rays of light and goodness. You’re clever,” wrote a follower.

Despite this stroke of fate, Dana was not going to give up. Apparently, now she will work even harder to return his beloved daughter and communicate with her at any time. TV presenter admitted that she was very hard to accept the court’s decision. Moreover, it brought her to despair.

“I had a really hard night, I shouted, “Pauline” for the whole house, cried and replayed the memory of happy moments when I was alone with my daughter. Before his departure from Thailand, in conversation with Nikita by Lushnikova who came to support me and help make the right choice in recovery, I told him that it was ready to accept any court’s decision, and we want to continue to work on yourself, then that would get her baby back,” recalled Borisov.