Крис Браун вызывает трио Migos на дуэль

Kicker Kris brown is ready to fight with the new boyfriend of his former lover Carrucha Tran Cavo (Quavo) and his colleagues in trio Migos. During the BET Awards held last Sunday, the former and new boyfriend of a model almost started a fight in the Parking lot, and Chris is unfinished it is very itchy.

An insider told the publication Hollywood Life that Chris is very serious.
“Chris is not afraid Kivo, or anyone else from Migos. He thinks they’re funny and sure to win them even if they fight three on one. Chris is very disappointed that he couldn’t kick his ass and not finished their fight. Now he invites Migos to finish the job. He told him: “You know where to find me, let’s end this” — said the insider.
Recall that a few months ago, brown received a court ban on approaching a former lover. Carrucha accused him of violence and threats of physical violence. The court looked past Chris and for five years forbade him to approach the girl and contact her in any way.
But last Sunday Kerrouche was at the scene when brown was performing. The girl did not voice its attitude to the brown and simply waiting for when he would leave the stage. Chris immediately noticed the former in the crowd and hurried off to the concert hall shortly after the speech that the police are unable to detain him for violation of the court’s decision.