Shia LaBeouf publicly peed in the ocean

Шайя ЛаБаф публично пописал в океан

Hollywood actor, star of “Transformers” Shia LaBeouf is so outrageous that his antics at times can be mistaken for avant-garde, perfrmance, which he loves. So, a celebrity recently publicly urinated in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. It happened during a break of filming a new movie Chailly “The Peanut Butter Falcon” tibey island Georgia.

Шайя ЛаБаф публично пописал в океан
LaBeouf went to roll out of the waves on the beach and relieve themselves, while all present could see his genitals — Shia and not trying to hide this away from the eyes.

In the new film in addition to LaBeouf also starred Dakota Johnson, star of “Fifty shades of grey”. The girl was also on set that day, but it is unknown if she was a witness to the folly of the painting (though the girl starring in the BDSM-drama, and is not seen).
Recall. that last performance, Chailly was anti-presidential campaign “He wouldn’t let us share”, the essence of which was to round the clock shooting video that is broadcast to the Internet. Everyone could Express their fu new President Donald Trump. The campaign was designed to be timeless and will end with the departure of the Republican, however Shaie had several times to change my location. and in the end is going to fold share due to aggressive behavior of fans of Donald.