Адская кухня: Анастасия Макеева приготовила странное блюдо
The actress claims that it’s edible.

Anastasia Makeeva shocked his followers
her cooking skills. The actress decided to cook the fish for unusual
recipe, but store-bought Pollock was broken, and had to think of something to
to stay hungry. Nothing more original than stewed in milk dumplings, Makeev to organize failed.

“What can I say, decided
I make “Pollock in the milk”, went to the store and bought fish, milk,
butter, carrots, and even the little things 5 pounds of crap. Start to cook: cut onion, rubbed carrots and thawed
fish. And guess what: the fish has spread in my hands when I washed it. Carefully
cut her (or the fact that it was weakly like a fish) and put to fry in
the pan, but when I try to turn it turned to mush, and the heavens
I ordered it to be disposed of. I wanted Pollock in the milk says
Makeyev. So I was without food and without fish.
But there is a sensible idea. I cook fried
(onions and carrots), to dumplings, and pour the milk, cover. I put out the dumplings
and grated cheese sprinkled. Here the author’s dish “Dumplings braised in milk”.