Карл Лагерфельд займется дизайном интерьеров

All my life Karl Lagerfeld devoted to questions of beauty. The designer tried to make beautiful women and men, but more recently he became interested in the idea of creating impeccable style…in the interior. Creative Director of Chanel will work with the company Trump Group. The team has already set the task to design two residential lobby at the Estates at Acqualina in Miami.

“The inspiration for my design is the shape of each lobby, the structure of the towers and especially Florida. It is famous for its hot climate, and I want to create something fresh”, said Lagerfeld.

Note that even though Lagerfeld and accepted a job which is not linked directly with the fashion house Chanel, creative Director of the brand he is still. Even more – your contract with the trademark Carl called life, because this place will become vacant soon: “Everyone wants to know and I hope I will retire and they will get the job. But my contract of a lifetime”


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