Александр Вэнг заработал $90 млн на подделках

Manufacturer of fakes – best recognition of your talent. While some well-known brands turn a blind eye to the fact that China is massively churns out replicas of their products, the famous designer Alexander Wang has decided to fight with this mess and has filed a lawsuit against 50 companies that have decided to enrich themselves at the expense of his name and his ideas.

The designer called to account 459 Internet sites that were distributing products under the name of Vang for ridiculous money. While it is clear that the hand of Alexander close and touched them “masterpieces”.

Now for its activities, the company will incur material liability in the amount of $ 90 million.

The originality of our stuff is the key to the success of the brand. Therefore, we will not allow anyone to copy what you invent, “commented Dennis Wang, a representative of the company.

Recall, from 2012 to 2015, Alexander Wang has worked as creative Director of Balenciaga, parallel to working on his own brand.

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