Ксения Бородина устроила семейную фотосессию мужа с дочкой

Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov managed to overcome the crisis in relations and are now trying to establish what was virtually destroyed in a couple of weeks.

Of kseni I and Eid is considered that there is nothing more important than family and no children, because it is not necessary to cut heat of the moment and immediately get a divorce, and it is better to approach the situation with a cool head and to settle all disputes.

Now it seems that there is no conflict between the spouses was not, and publish them in social networks a good proof of that.

Ксения Бородина устроила семейную фотосессию мужа с дочкой

On page one of the first to Instagram the other day was posted a few images on which he is depicted with his little Princess with Theon. According to the man, the author of the photograph is the girl’s mother Borodin.

“I wanted to go to work, but I found something else to do. Now I work in the theater for my daughter and her cat. Thanks for the photo @borodylia”, — has signed a frame lobster.

“While it is still on the hand placed and never miss a chance to vilify. And then you grow up, you’ll just hear “well, dad,” left a comment to another photo Eid.

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