Joseph Prigogine became a hairdresser

Иосиф Пригожин стал парикмахером The producer remembered youth. Joseph Prigozhin has once again become a hairdresser and on-camera tonsure machine known rapper. Haircut turned out great, customer was satisfied.

Joseph Prigogine – one of the most successful music producers of the country and, perhaps, one of the first in new Russia. And earn money Prigogine began much earlier, in his hometown’s future producer on its first job at age 12 in a barbershop. The other day my husband Valeria remembered the youth and the veil rapper Schrutes member of the label Black Star.

Despite the fact that Prigogine have not been practicing, he managed to cope with the clippers and make good hairstyles to the client. Along the way, Joseph remembered how once not so successfully coped with their tasks and podobrannymi during shearing cut each ear piece.

“Remembered youth… I’ll tell the story of how I one friend vows. It was very funny. I he cut off the ear. And you’re lucky,” said Iosif Prigozhin.

By the way, many followers of Joseph doubted that the producer was operating his own machine. And Joseph admitted that at some stage, it really helped assistant: “This is my assistant, he had such long hair that it alone can not cope,” wrote Prigogine. But most Internet users said comprehensively developed personality of a producer. “You are unique!” noted fans.

The native of Makhachkala Prigogine immediately after graduating from the Moscow evening schools, in fact, in 18 years became the tour Manager. Higher education Joseph I. received much later – only in 2000, a diploma of GITIS on a speciality “drama Manager”.