Филипп Киркоров поразил поклонников выходками во время гастролей The singer showed a video in which he appeared shirtless. Philip visited St. Seraphim Diveevo convent, but after a dip in the Holy springs were in bad situation in Arzamas. The man hastened to share experiences.

Philip continues to travel to Russia with his Grand show “I”. 18 may he made in Arzamas, but before to give a concert, the man visited the Diveevo convent. This place is very impressive musician. Here he bathed in the Holy spring, having to flash my naked torso.

“This is the most important event in the life of our team after yesterday’s very eventful different nature of the day. Cleansed from their sins, visited the Diveevo convent, and touched the Holy relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov and Diveevo bathed in the Holy sources,” – said Kirkorov.

Many fans noted that the musician is in perfect physical shape. They also praised the musician for wanting to touch the Holy and to go to a place that is revered by Orthodox Christians all over the world. “Good for you! Also dream to reach Diveyevo”, “there are just magical, not like in modern cities,” “I Looked with pleasure. Philippe is sincere, just positive charges,” wrote the fans of the artist.

However, during a concert in Arzamas Kirkorov was in a bad situation. A few minutes before the end of the show “Me” the whole room was de-energized. The man decided not to leave the scene and use force majeure to chat with fans. In the end, he spent an hour answering fans ‘ questions and signing autographs.

“Emergency situation in Arzamas did not spoil the experience neither we nor the audience.Total blackout of the Palace of sports and the accident at the city power plant happened in the final moments of the show, “I”, but nevertheless, in the hour in total darkness in the hall, under the lights of the included gadgets I gave in my opinion the largest number of autographs in his life. Thus I tried to somehow smooth out the confusion that occurred not our fault. Thank you dear audience for your understanding and patience” , – said the musician.

Followers of Philip praised him for the initiative. By the way, the man is always trying to communicate to the audience. He often goes to the gym and singing songs with the fans.

Apparently, another tour left at the artist’s only positive emotions, and this despite several challenges. He gladly shared with the fans of vivid videos from performances, not getting tired to emphasize that the love of the audience is charging his boundless energy.