Нюша делится соблазнительными кадрами, несмотря на беременность
Fans are discussing the stomach of the singer.


Photo: @nyusha_nyusha Instagram Nyusha

Singer Nyusha continues to play on the nerves of fans. Just recently fans were convinced that the 27-year-old actress really ready to become a mother for the first time her rounded belly once again “disappeared”. The singer has posted a sexy photo in a swimsuit. Belly singer pictured in a bikini again…looks flat

The next couple of months, users of a Network, apparently, will be involved in an exciting game called: “Find the rounded belly Nyusha!” Photo concert artist he is, and the images that publishes the performer in a social network there. The most popular explanations for this effect are two options: either Nyusha “photoshop” belly, either she posts old pictures.

One way or another, to hide “interesting position” Nyusha, despite her desire from fans is definitely not to succeed. By the way, recently the sister of the singer — athlete Maria Shurochkina said she was confident that the singer would be the perfect mother. “My sister is tenderness, originality, inner strength, and at the same time of external weakness. I have a very good idea mom, loving and soft. so, which dreams of any child,” Maria said in the program “Once”.