Джоли решила превратить жизнь Питта в ад

Pitt will take an alcohol test every week.

There is no smoke without fire? Either these are the methods of crisis Manager Judy Smith, who in his defense had hired Angelina?

Brad pitt on the new requirement of mother his children will have to take an alcohol test every week, so as to prove their value in potential communication with children, which is suing Jolie.

Otherwise he can do to ban a meeting with sons and daughters, reports the Daily Mail.

First, the 52-year-old actor volunteered to take such tests to prove his sanity and the absence of dependence. And now the lawyers and assistants 41-year-old actress wrapped up the initiative against him. After all, to go to the lab once a week, wear results too. Not to mention the humiliation of the situation.

And all because until the next meeting of court in January for custody of the children got Angie.

Recall, September 15 Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from her husband brad pitt, with whom she lived 8 years in a civil marriage and 2 years official. Statements by the representatives of the actress on the causes of divorce were different. Whether the actor is abusing alcohol and psychotropics, or raises a hand at the children in fits of anger, or the idea for Angie to become the UN Secretary General quarreled with her husband. The result has been three months the whole world is watching the divorce Saga. The main issue is not even about the money, both are rich. Who will stay their six children, three of whom – family?