Джигурда хочет вернуть Анисину

Actor requires the abolition of divorce with the skater.

Nikita Dzhigurda asked the court to reconsider the decision to divorce with Marina Anisina those. The statement said that the chair does not agree with the divorce. “I was not present in open court due to illness,” wrote the actor. He also noticed that he was not given necessary for reconciliation with Anisina those the time that he requested.

“I originally said I was against divorce, – said Nikita Woman’s Day. Marina is my favorite wife I never divorced. I adore this woman and live without it can’t.”

And where, you ask, happened to the American bride, on which the actor was planning to marry after the divorce? It turns out, never existed.

“What I was saying, I spoke to the holiday of Halloween, and it’s called trolling, – explained the artist. And he was made fact. It’s like you take any actor playing the show, his stage persona and present to the community as the madness of the person, not the actor’s mask.”

Recall that Dzhigurda and Anisina married in February 2008. They have two children: 7-year-old Mick-angel-Krist and 6-year-old Eva-Vlad.