Invented mirror saying for ages

Изобретено говорящее зеркало для худеющих

New development scientists in time will stop you from eating another chocolate bar.

“Light my mirror, tell me, I only weapon in the fairest of them all?..”

How many times, looking at your reflection, you dreamed about the same? And all the mirrors in the house treacherously silent and magic not seemed… But years passed, and scientists took and invented.

However, the mirror looks a little reminiscent of her fabulous “predecessor”. The new device consists of scales with rotating platform and mirrors.

The latter is equipped with laser sensors that scan the human and reproduce its three-dimensional projection.

All data that is read by sensors, is displayed in the mobile app. And it, in turn, is shown to the user the degree of change in physical condition.

The logic is simple! Want to deserve the compliment “you are the fairest one of all” – go in the room. Otherwise the mirror is just upset, pointing to the extra pounds after the barbecue at the weekend.

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