Scientists have explained why sleep in underwear dangerous

Ученые объяснили, почему спать в белье опасно

According to American doctors, pajamas and panties can cause health irreparable harm.

In the cold season many of us are sleeping in pajamas, and in summer underwear. According to experts both does more harm than good.

American doctors are sounding the alarm and urge their patients to forgo underwear. Not in the sense to not wear it at all, and not to wear underpants at night.

Doctors say that linen is the cause of many diseases both in men and women. After all, the genitals, covered with a cloth, do not breathe, but rather, are sweating, and this environment becomes a home for bacteria and yeasts.

Bad pants and all. And those that absorb and those that do not absorb moisture. Some can cause irritation, others to diaper rash… the violation of the natural microflora in women will result not only in unpleasant symptoms, but in the beginning of the inflammatory process, which, in turn, may prevent pregnancy.

Men are in danger too. If you believe the words of Dr. Brian Steixner, Director of the Institute of men’s health in Jersey, men sleeping in underwear, jeopardize the quality of their sperm, as the night wrapped genitals overheat, writes Dailymail.

Doctors even conducted a survey and found that only 18% of inhabitants of Brazil relaxed sleep without underwear. If this country is so negligible, then what numbers scientists may find, for example, in the UK, they can’t even imagine!

Doctors urge the public wishing not to have problems with sexuality and to have children, urgently to give up wearing underpants at night and sleep completely naked.

By the way, doctors believe that this way will improve not only health but sexual lives of couples.

While you are sleeping?

  • In the nightgown?
  • In pajamas
  • I’m a cabbage. And always freezing. Pajamas, socks, underwear…
  • Only in panties
  • In the costume of eve
  • Other (write in comments)

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