Plus-size model Rosie Mercado lost 108 kg

Плюс-сайз модель Рози Меркадо похудела на 108 кг

There the girl is not going to stop, wants to lose more weight.

This does not mean that Rosie is going to lose all your weight and disappear altogether, just that it was impressive, the starting base.

“When my weight reached 185 kg, I stopped to climb in the car and could not go to the movies with their children, shared her sorrows 36-year-old Rosie with the magazine Us Weekly. — I felt unhappy and unworthy of love.” Unhappy girl started to feel as a teenager is affected by offensive nicknames from classmates. When Rosie grew up and became a mother of three children, to the complexes were added and a failed marriage – raising children fell entirely on her shoulders.

Everything changed suddenly in 2011 when Rosie was on check in at the airport on a flight from Las Vegas to new York. “The guy at the Desk looked at me and said I need to pay extra for another place, because I’m just not going to fit in already purchased, said Rosie. He said that when the entire queue and some people were indignant, and some laughed. I cried, paid extra for the ticket, and then at me during the flight I had a few hours to think about it.” Perceived humiliation has changed the lives of Rosie – she decided that more can not continue.

For five years Rosie (by the way, her height is 179 cm) 100 lbs. lost “the First 50 pounds I lost through fitness, Jogging and walking – continues Rosie. – Another 50 managed to lose after the surgery cuts the stomach, but also with low-carb diets, workouts, six days a week and walk every day I did 15 thousand steps”.

“When I first came to the gym, it was terrible,’ recalls Rosie. — I felt that everyone was looking at me. But then I said, “screw it! I don’t want to think about who and what thinks about me! I just need this room!“ And I regained confidence.”

Rosie now weighs 77 kg, he leads advertising and the beauty contests for girls in the body: “People have changed towards me because I was different. They see me happy.”

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