Мода в Instagram: 7 fashion-блогеров с отличным чувством юмора

Donald and Melania trump blog @freddiemade

Sometimes fashion gets too serious. Self-irony is not enough and consumers, and designers. In the end, a breathy even look at the frankly bizarre trends, and someone sincerely believes that an outfit entirely of branded items does not guarantee a good image. Calls to be fashionable, stylish and rained on us from magazines, social networks and photos gossip. Fortunately, in the Internet there are people who belong to this vanity fair with irony. SPLETNIK.RU collected seven Instagram accounts where fashion can look with a smile.

1. @griffindior

School of witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts, which was invented by J. K. Rowling, is unlikely to be included in the list of the most stylish schools. Looking for Hagrid or Professor Dumbledore, it is difficult to assume that the heroes follow the actual trends. This Instagram channel after all attempts to bring these two worlds — tales fans will definitely be curious to see Professor McGonagall in vorovskoy t-shirt We should all be feminists and Hermione, who brews a potion using the perfume Miss Dior.

2. @angelicahicks

Angelica Hicks, the Illustrator, and she was even able to work with Alessandro Michele over a limited collection of t-shirts for Gucci. Cooperation with the most popular brand in the world, however, has not turned the girl’s head. For fashion Angelika applies with the necessary irony — her account is full of amusing illustrations, but the main reason to subscribe, it’s unusual and creative “fashion battle”. Measure bows girl prefers not to celebrities on the red carpet, and movie stars, and even with a curtain in the bathroom.

3. @freddiemade

Freddie Smithson, a conceptual art Director and master photoshop from London, “change” politicians and celebrities in a very unusual outfits, transforming Queen Elizabeth II in a typical integramouse model, and Donald trump — the star of street style. The expected effect turns out very comical.


Among the 38 thousand followers, this Instagram account is, and Vogue, and Gucci. There really can be inspired through laughter and fun inspiration. Feed author mixes different ages — in the end fashion logos and things from contemporary collections to fall on the paintings of Renaissance masters and the Impressionists. All the exposed paintings, by the way, is signed, so it is possible to develop your knowledge of art history and was surprised to notice how well the purse from Dolce & Gabbana is suitable Ophelia.

5. @everyoutfitonsatc

Nostalgically ironic guide to the outfits of the legendary television series “sex and the city”, which Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni started in 2016. The authors not only meticulously remember a thing from which collection a designer heroine wore in a particular series, but with humor and comment not the best sets, making it clear that the iconic foursome, of course, style icon zero, but still real people.

Funny memes, best quotes and the outputs on the red carpet twenty years ago are included, as they say, keep calm and Carrie on.

6. @tommylenk

Actor Tommy Lenk, known to viewers for her role in the second season of the TV series Room 104 from HBO, in his blog copies a variety of looks, from the outputs of Meghan Markle to bows from the catwalks. It turns out with varying degrees of irony and authenticity, but in the ingenuity of the author will not refuse. Subscribe is convinced the mods to develop critical thinking. Sometimes you have to look at that Tommy, in order to understand the absurdity of some of fashion ideas, and sometimes his interpretations are even better than the original.

7. @baddiewinkle

Blog 90-year-old buddy Winkle is not so much hilarious as just life-affirming, but that’s a lot: positive emotions prolong life is certainly no worse than the laughter.

Unique style, buddy, where lots of sequins, prints, bright colors and colorful fur, maybe someone can cause ripples in the eyes, and many snobbish issues, but the grandmother criticism is unlikely to disappoint. She enjoys attending social events, starred in advertising campaigns, hanging out with young stars like Kylie Jenner and Miley Cyrus and is clearly living in his pleasure, with equal success, and ignoring the imposed trends, and social stereotypes. A blog buddy has already signed up nearly four million users.