Джиджи Хадид в образе хиппи, Энди Уорхолл на трусах и меховые аферисты: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе

In the fashion world last week, all the attention was mainly confined to the outfits of celebrities. New outlets pleased Melania trump, who visited the children, and Meghan Markle, stole a kiss with Prince Harry in public. But brands continue to prepare us for the new season, releasing a fresh campaign. Not done in the week and no UPS and downs Gucci has become the most popular brand in the world, but Ivanka trump is leaving the fashion industry. Everything that has hit the headlines this week read our digest.

1.Gigi Hadid in the new campaign Missoni

The inspiration for the autumn campaign of the brand became the ‘ 70s. the pictures, taken by photographer Harley Weir, 23-year-old model is depicted in a bright knitted and woven things that remind us about the era of hippies. The collection includes the oversized cardigans, ponchos and Maxi dresses. Gigi was the face of the autumn campaign in 2017, and also participated in the shows of Missoni, along with his sister Bella last season.

2.Calvin Klein is betting on cosmic landscapes and Andy Warhol

The American brand has pleased its fans with two new products. On the page in Instagram, there are shots of the autumn advertising campaign of the brand. Model posing in a knitted Balaclava in a landscape, like the moon, or the Martian terrain, but actually filmed in Utah.

The collection is an allegory of the meeting of the old world and the new era, with references to the space race of the 60-ies of the XXI century and associated with the information
— explained his idea of RAF Simons.

The second surprise was a line of underwear inspired by the main ideologist of pop art Andy Warhol. The capsule collection was the result of a collaboration between the brand Calvin Klein and the organization of The Andy Warhol Foundation. The usual minimalistic models decorated with prints of photographs taken by Warhol between 1977 and 1985. Pictures glorify the beauty of the human body. Elastic underwear is traditionally located there in addition to brand name posted and the name of the artist.

3. Gucci has become the most popular brand in the world

Week the Italian brand is clearly specified. First, the new campaign for the bag Silvie starring Hollywood star faye dunaway. And secondly, and this news for Alessandro Michele and his fans should be even more inspiring, Gucci was named the most popular brand in the world. These results showed a study conducted by the online platform Lyst. The Italian luxury brand has become the most referred to in the second quarter of 2018 and slipped from the podium of the last year leader, the brand Balenciaga, which is now situated in third place.

The second line is Off-White. In fourth place Givenchy, which has improved its position, rising from sixth place (it is possible that it has played the role of “the effect of Megan Markle”, because it is in a dress from Givenchy is now the Duchess of Sussex was married). The top five most successful Dolce & Gabbana, rising in the rankings compared to last year. It seems that the offensive statements in address Gabbana Selena Gomez and the outbreak of after the scandal hit the brand not so much as expected. Giants like Dior and Chanel, remained outside the top ten — in the fight for the right to be in the hype these brands do not strive. Although espadrilles from Chanel were still in seventh place in the ranking of the most popular things among women.

4. Limited collection Massimo Dutti will go on sale in August

The fashion show took place on July 18 and took place in a former industrial area of the city on the Bund. Among the guests were noticed and many of the stars to see the novelties of the Spanish brand came Luke Evans and Dakota fanning. Things are distinguished by the brevity of the cut and soothing colors, and a collection inspired by the harmony of art, nature, history and architecture. In the images managed to combine and recognizable style of the brand, and practicality. Purchased items will be in August.

Джиджи Хадид в образе хиппи, Энди Уорхолл на трусах и меховые аферисты: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе Dakota fanning and Luke Evans

5. In the UK real fur has been sold under the guise of artificial

According to the newspaper The Independent, existing laws do not allow customers to reliably know about the origin of the clothes they buy. Thus, the results of the study revealed that many retailers were selling real fur under the guise of artificial. This list includes TK Maxx, BooHoo, Amazon, Groupon, Etsy, Tesco, FatFace, Boots and Kurt Geiger. While many stores aloud declared rejection of fur sold items labeled as “faux fur” actually was made of animal fur, including rabbit, Fox, and chinchilla. The Grand strategist and expert on the Shanghai leopards furs Bender and had no idea such shenanigans!

The theme of the ethics of using fur remains relevant in the fashion industry is not the first season. So, at the beginning of this year, its sale is banned in San Francisco, and many luxury brands such as Versace and Gucci, refused to use fur in their collections.

Джиджи Хадид в образе хиппи, Энди Уорхолл на трусах и меховые аферисты: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе

6. Ivanka trump closes his own fashion brand

The eldest daughter of President of the United States is leaving the fashion business in politics. Recall, Ivanka is in the White house as adviser and, it seems, no longer wants to do two jobs.

I don’t know if I’m ever in business, but I know that in the foreseeable future, I will focus on the work done here in Washington, so this solution is only fair to my team and partners
she said.

Sales of the brand rose after the election in 2016, but then in connection with criticism trompowsky policy Affairs, probably, went not so smoothly. Many stores, among them Nordstrom and canadian retailer Hudson’s Bay has refused to cooperate with the brand due to poor performance. Criticized business trump human rights organizations. According to reports China Labor at the factory in China where they made shoes for the brand, the workers worked in poor conditions.

Джиджи Хадид в образе хиппи, Энди Уорхолл на трусах и меховые аферисты: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе Ivanka TrumpДжиджи Хадид в образе хиппи, Энди Уорхолл на трусах и меховые аферисты: о чем говорили в моде на этой неделе

7. EDI Slimane published photos from a birthday party, and they look cooler than some fancy campaign

It’s hard to believe, but on 5 July, the EDI Slimane turns 50! The former creative Director of Saint Laurent, now head of fashion house Céline, has shared this week’s photos from the celebration. The party was held at the legendary Paris theatre Le Palace, which is a cult place of the night life of the French capital. The network immediately began talking about the fact that even pictures from the playdate the Slimane look like they could well be used in fashion campaigns. So each of us had one of those days of birth — watch and enjoy aesthetics.