Insider: the Prince was addicted to painkillers

Инсайдер: у Принса была зависимость от обезболивающего

The rumors were not rumors. The musician really od.

The news of the death of the singer Prince shocked the world. Recall that the musician died on April 21. The assurances of the official representatives of the star, due to a severe flu (read more here).

This version was immediately put into question the omnipresent media. Journalists with links to personal sources put forward the version about overdose.

“The Prince was given medical assistance from a drug overdose six days before his death,” cited earlier as proof of the words of the insider TMZ.

Today, April 28, there is a new version of the death of the legendary musician. According to TMZ, Prince many years I took painkillers Percocet due to pain in the hip joint.

In 2010, the singer had surgery, but he’s already so addicted to the pills continued to drink until his last days.

The last week of life, the singer went to the pharmacy near his home in Percocet. Thus, the use of this drug could cause death.

Currently law enforcement authorities are still clarifying the circumstances of the death of the Prince. At this stage, the investigators find out who the musicians wrote out recipes on the drug that killed him.

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