Gagarin is in the hospital after a serious poisoning

Гагарина попала в больницу после серьезного отравления

The singer spent a few days on a drip, before being able to overcome the consequences of intoxication.

Popular singer made his fans seriously worried. In his personal microblog on Instagram Polina Gagarina said that he was in the hospital with severe poisoning.

“How? What? Why?” – immediately panicked the most ardent fans of the singer.

In response Gagarin said that she doesn’t know for sure. They say most likely ate or drank something of poor quality.

“Want to go home! These 2 days are not the best, to put it mildly, but I know that everything happens for a reason, – said the singer. — Take care of yourself always, be sensitive and attentive to yourself, because it depends on you too many people, and most importantly, you need your friends and loved ones!”

Someone thought that the star of exaggerating their suffering. Today, however, it became clear that the singer, in contrast, showed excessive modesty.

“Well, dear friends, as the saying goes, finally I’m here! And now began a full restoration after many tours and concerts and filming! And even after the strongest poisoning last Thursday, which I had to cancel several concerts. It came to the hospital, endless IVS. It’s all over now, and I can talk about it in the past tense. Thank God!” – posted by Pauline.

In conclusion, she wished all the fans to protect your health.

“Be careful to what you eat, what you drink, and just take care of yourself! It’s not just words! All good mood! After Easter soon!” – completed Gagarin.

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