Stefaniya Malikova experimenting with blue hair color

Стефания Маликова экспериментирует с голубым цветом волос

Bold experiment has caused a lot of discussion on the microblogging young star.

A new generation grows up. And if two years ago no one knew about her daughter Malikov, Stephanie army of fans and 355 thousand followers on Instagram! Fans constantly follow the life of 16 year old girl and missed the next image of the star lady.

Natural Stephania, which does not stain the hair and want a natural makeup posted on his microblog a picture in an unusual way: the girl made false blue strands and stuck long eyelashes that catch the eye.

Unfortunately, most fans scared a bright image.

“God. Never do”, “You are beautiful, but this image is terrible”, “Looks terrifying”, commented followers.

However, there were those who supported Stashu and noted that 16 years is the age when you need to experiment.

Recall that Stephanie is an active user of social networks. The number of its subscribers in Instagram is 353 thousand. Stesha consistently posting vacation photos, parties and different shots. Like many children of famous people, she chose a difficult path model. It is worth noting that the bright appearance allows her to accept this difficult profession. She regularly glimpsed on the runways. In 2014 Malikov became the face of Barbie brand designer Igor Chapurin. In 2015, appeared on the pages of the us edition of Teen Vogue.

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