Снова влюблена: Ходченкова встречается с врачом

The actress recovered from her breakup with fiancé and has an affair with the promising orthopedic surgeon.

Recall that in 2011 the star was met with businessman George by Patriliny, which is in may 2015, has received a proposal of marriage right on stage. But alas, the wedding never took place. However, we still have a chance to admire the Light in the wedding dress, because Khodchenkova again in love and happy.

Chosen one artist became a 38-year-old orthopedic surgeon, candidate of medical Sciences Cyril Oil. Of course, it is not a simple doctor, a businessman and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federation Tower”, and besides, his show-business friends with Stas Mikhailov, Dmitry duuuum, Alla Pugacheva and Philip Kirkorov. Yes, and handsome anywhere. That is, the party that is necessary.

Couple met in June of this year and has already been in a romantic journey.

Remember, we enjoyed the pictures of Svetlana from the sea resort? So, there she was not alone, and we now know the name of the author of beach shots.

Cyril, as an actress, behind also have a single marriage. However, the Light was officially married to Vladimir Agrichem and Oil lived a civil marriage with his girlfriend Catherine zhdanovoj, they have a growing three year old son Platon.

“Cyril had several months broke up with civil wife, – said the “StarHit” a familiar pair of Dmitry. They have been together for more than five years. Light and Kirill immediately liked each other, especially since they have a lot of mutual friends, the same interests. Cyril was nice to look: gave the Light of flowers, took her to restaurants, and a month later was invited to relax on the sea.”

The rapid development of relations like love at first sight. Will keep fingers crossed for the Light, let it will work this time and the actress will finally find her woman’s happiness.