Husband Merii Carey shared their experiences

Муж Мерайи Кери поделился своими переживаниями

Nick cannon, the husband of American singer of Marii Carey, admits that his parting with his wife and mother of his two children is given to him is not easy. We previously reported that the actor strongly inhibits the divorce process, which should accelerate new marriage of his wife with Australian billionaire Packer Jamm. Previously, cannon even congratulated the lovebirds on your engagement, but it turned out that he prevaricate.

On his page in the social network Nick started keeping an emotional diary “divorce Papers”, which reveals his true feelings to Marie, children and current situation.
“When you need help, you call me/ I’m in need, you call TMZ/ You believe everything that is written, but not for me” — he wrote, addressing probably to some of his friends. By the way, that TMZ first posted a story about that cannon to oppose the marriage of Marii with James.
“My daughter asks me why my eyes full of tears/ last time I failed to see my son, and he called me back the next day/Our time apart feels like an eternity, and to be honest – I hate it when you have as much fun with anyone else as with me/don’T know if my kids ever accuse me of lack of attention/ I’m not interested in love relationships with women, I over that my children feel safe,” said Nick. Recall that Maryi have two children Moroccan and Monroe.
It is possible that soon these lines will become songs, although the cannon and covered just the desire to help yourself through creativity.
“The last thing I wanted was to add fuel to the fire that inflates press. I just wanted to explain to themselves and others the way things are” — he said and added that between him and Maria more than great, and the obstacles to her personal happiness, he does not.
“My ex and I communicate well. We live on and continue to do everything possible to make our children happy. I’m happy for her, she has found her true happiness in your personal life, and I don’t like when the press begins to manipulate things, which never happened. I’m an open book and always say what I think. I turn to the audience and the journalists asking them treated with due respect to my relationship with my family and not twisting the facts,” said cannon.

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