Крис Дженнер сильно поправилась

Kris Jenner, mother of the reality of the family, does not know what to do with their weight. If the woman sported mini-skirts, but now she prefers balahonistyh shapeless dresses that hide the curves of her body.

Yesterday, June 16, Chris was spotted on the island of Capri, and it was impossible not to notice that she really got better lately and even a big white dress could not conceal it. Fans of the stars “living with the Kardashian’s in shock,” it’s a shame in Los Angeles in sixty years look like in sixty years. Angry mouths now compare the figure of Kris and her ex-husband Bruce, who was now Kathleen Jenner, the woman is much inferior to the transgender.

Along with Kris was her boyfriend Corey gamble. As before, the young lover celebrity adores her. It was he who initiated a romantic vacation in Italy. Thank God, at least for their relationship to the weight of a TV star is not affected. Maybe she should try a diet of Kim Kardashian, whose weight melts easy on the eyes.

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