Glyuk’oza remarried

Глюк’oZа снова вышла замуж

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova a.k.a. Glyuk’oza 7 Jun celebrates two dates: their birthday and wedding day.

This year these two holidays were special for her because both of them were commemorative. The birthday girl turned 30, and life together Ionova with Alexander Chistyakov – 10 years.

At the festival Natalia and her husband decided to speak to each other vows of love and fidelity.

Глюк’oZа снова вышла замуж

“Here we have our sacrament — 10 years later we re-married, however, jokingly. Although, if we ignore the humour that accompanied the evening, words of love and repeated “I do” was even more meaningful than it was 10 years ago. Only this time, instead of the altar was a brick wall with graffiti,” the singer shared details of the event with your followers.

Fans of this idea Presley like. Many in the comments to the post noted that the family Chistyakov ions Ion – an example to follow: “Natasha daily to read the caption to your photo, and I just love your family. You live for yourself and your family, not paying attention to anybody. Are you the family who wants to fit in. Thank you for share your emotions”, “What you are beautiful and how lucky you are so early to meet her man, but also to recognize that he is “the same”. Congratulations”, “What a wonderful and beautiful family! Daughter the charm! Happiness to you”.


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