Как подобрать обои для спальни

3 the main criterion which should be used by everyone choosing the Wallpaper in the bedroom.

Selection of Wallpapers for bedrooms, the first glance, it seems the simplest problem during the repair of the apartment. On the shelves of any specialized shop which sells building materials, you can find hundreds of different on price, quality and Wallpaper design, not to mention colors. But how to choose the right Wallpaper for the bedroom?

The main task of the bedroom interior is a perfect recreation of a cosy atmosphere, helping peaceful rest, sleep and good sleep. In addition, of course, pursued other goals, because the bedroom, like all rooms in the apartment, must be comfortable, pleasant and beautiful. If the room given over to the bedroom and not very spacious, you should also visually to expand it.

In short, a lot of questions, and their solutions it is very important not to make mistakes with the decoration of wall surfaces, Wallpaper, ornament, palette, texture. The selection of wall color for the bedroom is more important than for the hall, corridor or kitchen. Why? Yes, because in the bedroom required very comfortable atmosphere, and comfort her in most cases depends on what tones or hues characterize her. Pattern and pattern also have an impact on the perception of the room its atmosphere and appearance.

As a result, the Wallpaper for the bedroom must be chosen thoughtfully and deliberately. Next, we will tell you about how to choose tapestries for the bedroom and how to apply them in our design.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

the Wallpaper in the bedroom pictures

Color Wallpaper for bedroom

Because the premise is obliged first of all to have comfort, better to choose the Wallpaper in this bedroom colors that will help you sleep and rest. Each of the selected tones can be combined in the bedroom with camel, cream, pale gray and other neutral tones.

The color of the Wallpaper in the bedroom. Recommendations

Relax and soothe different shades of turquoise and blue colors in the interior. Shades of dark blue tones also make the room darker, which also may favorably affect the sleep quality.

Green Wallpaper for bedroom better relaxation after the psychological and intellectual work. Like the color of the Wallpaper recommended for people engaged in mental labor, scientists, teachers, engineers.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

green bedroom

Beige and grey tones – neutral. They generally do not contribute to the relaxation, however, and is not particularly straining. If the room is cold and its Windows look to the North, it would be better to take the beige-cream color. If the room is “hot”, you should choose gray tones, which can make the bedroom visually colder.

From the bedroom is decorated with Wallpaper in shades of chocolate will warm breeze.

The bedrooms in black are both pluses minuses, but in General black bedroom will help you relaxation. Totally black Wallpaper on the shelves is quite difficult to find. Often the manufacturer provides black and gray, black and white, black and silver and black and Golden Wallpaper. Whatever the picture of black Wallpaper, with their help you can make quite a luxury, “luxury” interior. The figure plays a secondary importance. Room bedroom with black Wallpaper can be dramatic or glamorous – depending on chosen design.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

monochrome bedroom

The color of the Wallpaper in the bedroom that need to be used carefully

Scarlet and red shades Wallpaper for bedroom to choose unprofitable – like wall surfaces will be to irritate and agitate. Extremely unnecessarily to decorate similar to Wallpaper a bedroom, where people have trouble falling asleep.

Instead of red is better to use shades of pink, but this bedroom will be more feminine and not joint.

Yellow Wallpaper in the bedroom in bright colors, it is not desirable because the surface is yellow charged with vivacity. But on the other hand, if you are in the beginning of the day, you need a tone, the yellow Wallpaper in the bedroom will allow you to easily cheer up and tune in to a positive wave.

The purple color is quite complex and not really recommended for a bedroom because it can inspire concern. Although, it is rather too dark, juicy and “poisonous” shades of purple. For room bedrooms well suited, for example, a delicate lilac tint pale lavender or floral, etc.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

The Wallpaper in the bedroom. Options for decorating the walls

The traditional method is coating all wall structures of the room with the same Wallpaper. In this embodiment, choose a pretty calm products as ornamentation, and colours.

Used a combination of Wallpaper companion for finishing all wall designs in the bedroom: for example, two wall surface decorate with tapestries with floral pattern, and the rest with striped Wallpaper.

Trellis-companions – are Wallpapers with different patterns, but in a single color palette. Or on the contrary: with the same ornament, but in different colours. The most popular option: combination Wallpaper pattern and monochrome Wallpapers close tone.

The combination of Wallpaper in the bedroom can bring in the design space personality, which combines hard and soft notes, logic and the prosperity, order, and naturalness.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

what Wallpaper to choose for the bedroom

Widely known design method — play a bright accent wall or section. Often juicy trellis pattern highlight wall surface behind a bed, making her accent.

It is likely that such popularity of the use of Wallpaper in the bedroom appeared thanks to the population of the Scandinavian countries, namely Sweden. Because the interior of our rooms are made in Scandinavian direction almost always involves an accentuation of the head of the bed with Wallpaper. Fond this solution in other countries.

To play the accented wall, it is necessary to take juicy trellis pattern or drawing, together with these other the walls of the bedroom, usually, leave monotone. The tone of such a dominant Wallpaper for bedroom textiles support positioned on bed – quilt and pillows.

The underscore is either the entire wall surface behind the bed, or just her site. If using Wallpaper only finished section of the wall, its edges are refined by means of fillets, strips and rails.

It happens that the Wallpaper glued to the wall in the headboard of the bed, go on and part of the ceiling. This method works well in bedrooms with low ceilings: transition Wallpaper with a vertical wall surface to the ceiling can visually lift the room.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

Wallpaper for the bedroom. Ornaments, pictures and textures

In the bedroom for all wall constructions or dominant wall it is necessary to correctly choose the pattern of the Wallpaper. This is important because the pattern will specify the overall style, dynamics, atmosphere. It will greatly affect the perception of the environment.

Floral Wallpaper for bedroom. Wallpaper for bedroom floral print is the perfect solution to create a light romantic atmosphere.

But you must take into account that in the bedroom with the floral Wallpaper will be the difference dominat female. Not every man is this interior of the bedroom can suit the taste.

If there is a need to balance the masculine and feminine touches in the bedroom, you can create a combination of floral Wallpaper with a striped, plaid or plain.

Floral Wallpapers for the bedroom emphasize its stylistic orientation, if it is finished with classic motifs. And for the style of Provence and country inherent in the use of textile wall coverings in flower.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

cozy bedroom

Wallpaper for bedroom in stripes or checkered. Trellis in a cage, unlike a flower, add to the room masculine traits. As a consequence, for decorating men’s bedroom Wallpaper to choose, in the box and apply them for pasting all wall designs or for combination with a monochromatic veneer.

Plaid Wallpaper will make the interior of the room in a Scottish or English.

The striped Wallpaper used for the decoration of bedroom in traditional and retro styles. Similar to Wallpaper is usually glued all the vertical surfaces of the bedroom.

If the bar on the trellis is very juicy and tight, it is better to use only the headboard of the bed for accent wall, making the other walls in a solid, pastel style. This solution is usually applied in the bedroom design in modern directions.

Как подобрать обои для спальни

The Wallpaper in the bedroom with the ornament. Tapestries for the bedroom with floral pattern fit well in the bedroom in the environmental, vintage and traditional. Similar Wallpapers allow the bedroom to be a little more feminine and softer.

Wallpaper with geometric patterns suitable for bedrooms of any directions, but the room will be a little bit tougher and more brutal.

Texture of Wallpaper for the bedroom. If you do not want the Wallpaper design in the bedroom dominated and dominated, choose a plain trellis with a textural pattern. Ornament and pattern may be different, but not create it gamma, and relief.

On the one hand, the application of this Wallpaper embossed for helping to bring a recovery, as with reverse decorative veneer remains the same monotone, neutral, in other words not flashy, but muted.

You can select textile Wallpapers for bedroom, resembling the fabric from which made pillow or cushion. For example, there is Wallpaper under the velvet or corduroy. Also widely used Wallpaper with silk-screen printing.

I hope that this article answered the question — how to choose Wallpaper for the bedroom? Good luck with your repair!

Wallpaper for the bedroom. Photo

Как подобрать обои для спальниКак подобрать обои для спальни

Как подобрать обои для спальниКак подобрать обои для спальни

Как подобрать обои для спальниКак подобрать обои для спальни

Как подобрать обои для спальниКак подобрать обои для спальни

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