Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

Apartment design

Living room is one of the most important rooms in the apartment, because it is here that we meet the guests, organize festive gatherings, and in General spend quite a lot of time in the circle of his family. Consequently, this multifunctional room has to be equipped in the best way.

If you want it to be comfortable and beautiful, then, first of all, you need to think about which Wallpaper to pick up in the living room.

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  • The main selection criterion is the color and ornament
  • Select the type of Wallpaper for living room
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    Because they help to make this room the most attractive and festive in the apartment, but also to hide minor defects and irregularities of the surfaces of the ceiling and walls. So, about the choice of Wallpaper in the bedroom, we already wrote here, now start choosing our stylish design element that can work wonders in the living room.

    Before you make the purchase you should think about what color to choose Wallpaper for the living room. First, it is necessary to study such areas like illumination, its pros and cons, to think about the impact of color on the human psyche.

    For example, for a spacious and bright living room is perfect bright enough tone that will fill the room with energy and push to active life, adjusting to the positive. Such colors are green, purple, orange.

    If you like a more relaxed tone, to create the accents use bright blotches.


    Characteristics of Wallpaper for living room

    Since the living room is the meeting place for the household and guests, the Wallpaper is here required to be non-marking and practical. But, at the same time, with larger room to use a very dark tapestry is also not desirable. Overall, a perfect solution – the Wallpaper is not white and not black. Something intermediate.

    The next important parameter is the environmental friendliness. Wallpaper for the living room required to breathe, filling the room with oxygen, and not to accumulate on the electric charge and the dust.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    The third aspect influencing the choice of Wallpaper for the living room, is their immunity to fading. Often the room in which to meet guests, have large dimensions, and lots of Windows. Last, if you are on the South side of the apartment, can be the cause of an early fading of the pattern on the Wallpaper. Textile, paper and some types of vinyl Wallpaper can withstand sunlight, due to living room is better to choose a dense non-woven, liquid or fiberglass Wallpaper.

    And lastly, another feature – Wallpaper for the living room must be beautiful. So when you look at them your soul rejoiced.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    The main selection criterion is the color and ornament

    What is the most preferred color of the Wallpaper in the living room? Primarily one that you like, although there is also some nuances.

    So, the most important and the first rule – the smaller the area of the room and the ceiling below it, the lighter colors are required to be walls and Vice versa – the larger the dimensions of the living room, and the ceiling above the Wallpaper must be saturated. In addition, this rule also applies to the picture: for small rooms is the perfect solution –a rare and fine pattern or geometric pattern. Well will look trellis with vertical stripes. This Wallpaper will visually expand the space of the room.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    And what will be design Wallpaper for living room with high ceilings? Simple! The application of moldings or horizontal stripes will give the room a more down to earth look. Living room of large dimensions can be reduced using Wallpaper with a large pattern.

    It is also necessary to take into account the degree of light in the living room: rooms located on the North side of the house it is best to make the Wallpaper bright colors, for example, lemon, Golden, beige or cream; light room, with Windows facing South, you can safely hang a trellis cool colors – blue, green, gray.

    Here’s what designers recommend, at the option of the Wallpaper for walls living room. In their view the best solution will be bright, rich tones that can empower, encourage, energize. Burgundy, purple, blue colors have a positive effect on the human psyche, relieves tension and stress. But you don’t need Chur to abuse such shades, it is best to dilute them correctly in other more calm tones.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную


    Select the type of Wallpaper for living room

    How to choose the Wallpaper in the living room of those species that currently provided by manufacturers? Here is a bit more complicated, because the types of Wallpaper there are many, and they simply get confused. Fabric, non-woven, fiberglass, paper, bamboo, vinyl and this is not a complete list.

    So, let’s take each type in order.

    Paper Wallpaper is quite thin and will not hide the roughness on the wall surfaces, consequently, gluing them only at a perfectly smooth wall. In addition, it will be difficult to pick up an ornament, because the manufacturers do not too like contact with expensive paper Wallpaper is better to realize the popular vinyl, which are much more expensive.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Decorating living room flizilinovye Wallpaper much more practical and interesting exercise. This trellis is durable, dense, moisture-resistant, do not fade, they can be repeatedly painting, reproducing each time the updated interior. For the living room they are ideal because in addition to the above parameters non-woven Wallpaper have a huge number of options of designs and colors.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Vinyl Wallpaper in the living room – have a smaller thickness than the nonwoven, because they have a paper backing, but this is absolutely not inferior to them in quality. They can be clean, to wash, and on the walls they look like a single unit – the seams are almost not visible to the eye. Living room with such Wallpaper will look fresh, original and stylish.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Fabric Wallpaper for the living room can transform it into an exquisite boudoir Rococo or Renaissance. They are made of nonwoven fabric or paper and textile. For a decorative coating, often used linen, silk, jute, suede, felt and polyester. This Wallpaper will be the real highlight of the interior living area and not so much because they are very beautiful, but also because they look monolithic. However, their care is slightly more complex than standard vinyl or paper Wallpaper, because they can accumulate dust, and to wash them is not recommended.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    If you stop your choice on the glass wall in the living room, they will last a long time, and will be quite practical. Make them from fiberglass, which has always been characterized by high reliability and durability. This Wallpaper is moisture-proof, they are not afraid of fire and will last you a year, because they can apply paint about 20 times.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Bamboo Wallpaper – first, it is gorgeous natural beauty. They are beautiful and can easily transform your living room into a sophisticated room. However, it is not necessary to paste over all room with them – rather only to single out any one certain area. This, for example, may be a section of the wall above the sofa, TV area, or any of the corners of the room.

    Bamboo Wallpaper does not require complex care: once or twice a year they need to be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and heavy soiling can be gently removed with a damp sponge. (How to choose glue for bamboo Wallpaper can be read here)

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную


    Combining Wallpapers in the living room

    The method of combining Wallpapers in the living room may create a small miracle, because with the usual combinations can change a room beyond recognition. The simplest solution for this is to decorate the wall surface tapestries with borders. Passing along all the walls, horizontal stripes visually reduce the height and give a living room a chic look.

    If you have doubts about what to pick up Wallpaper in the living room, feel free to buy several types of similar tapestries. To combine them is not difficult, as long as they were appropriate to each other in color.

    The vertical orientation of different textures and colors in the living room also appropriate, however, one need not too fond of the color combinations. To facilitate selection, use the “color wheel”. This is a specially composed palette that allows you easily to select suitable to each other shades and colors.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    To use the wheel is very simple: to design, not overloaded with unnecessary details, a quiet interior, it is recommended to combine adjacent hues of the spectrum. That is a pretty good option for the living room. But if you say creative, bright, ambitious man, loving active color composition, we use “wheel” somewhat differently: stop your choice on the opposite sections of the palette and then can’t go wrong with coloring.

    The living room can be decorated and with the help of panels of Wallpaper that will contrast with the main color of the interior. For example, to the walls a gray color good vibrant murals, decorated in black and decorated with big geometric shapes or flowers. Dark wall colors is perfect to adorn the “stained glass” light colors with delicate ornament. It is these contrasting sites allow you to do original and interesting interiors.

    Another decision combining is the Wallpaper. Do not think that they have long gone out of fashion, just take a look at those options that offer today, manufacturers and understand everything.

    Modern mural is a beautiful decoration. They can be shown not to a large piece of island Paradise, the Royal Palace, the sky, or any other beautiful object. But such beauty should even apply properly. For example, the mural can not tolerate:

    • Combination with a large ornament on the main Wallpaper
    • In sharp contrast with other elements of the interior
    • Mixed styles.

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Given our tips, you will be able to choose the Wallpaper for the living room and wisely combine them with each other. See you on pages of our site and good luck with your repair!


    Calculator Wallpapers

    The parameters of the room

    The width of the space

    The length of the room

    The perimeter of the room

    Ceiling height

    Settings Wallpaper

    The width of the Wallpaper

    Rapport figure

    Shifted figure

    On a stock alignment

    On a stock alignment
    10 cm 15 cm

    The result of number of Wallpapers
    M. p.

    Wallpaper in living room photo

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостинуюКак правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостинуюКак правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостинуюКак правильно подобрать обои в гостиную

    Как правильно подобрать обои в гостинуюКак правильно подобрать обои в гостиную


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