Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

The Provence style in the interior is the individuality and spirit of the southern French province, it is simple, cozy and rustic naive.

Provence is famous southern region of France, located on the coast of the Mediterranean moraaliteadvusest many people with unforgettable scenery, bright sunshine, numerous color palette, the aroma of grapes and delicious rustic dishes. The term “Provence” is translated as “province”. Consequently, the Provence style in the interior – a style of provincial houses of the southern region of France.

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  • The Provence style in the interior. Colors
  • Decoration in Provence style
  • The style of Provence. Furniture
  • The Provence style in the interior. Textiles
  • The Provencal style. Lighting, decor, accessories
  • The kitchen interior in Provence style
  • Country style and Provence style. Differences
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  • The Provence style in the interior. Colors

    Professionals, reproducing the interior in the Provence style, betray a large selection of colors value. We can safely say that the color here is critical. For the decoration of the rooms is better to take light colors, in order to reproduce the effect of the solar “burn” surfaces.

    The ceiling and the walls in the rooms Provencal style made most often in white, but it is not a dogma. The main colors of Provence style: white, beige, cream, terracotta, pale lemon, muted orange, blue, yellow, pale green, lilac. Pastel colors these colors are used for decorating as the rooms and furniture.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    Decoration in Provence style

    The walls in the style of Provence. The most commonly used wall decoration of Provence is the plastering, and it is applied clumsily, with humps and missing parts visible through them with brickwork. In the decoration of modern interiors of style of Provence used the textured walls with colored plaster.

    Another popular type of finish – sheathing boards and its subsequent paint treatment. Here clearly the main differences occur in country a state: for example, in the Russian style country try to preserve the color and texture of the Board, and in French – as a rule, it is painted with white paint.

    Kitchen wall can be decorated with glazed bricks and artificial or natural stone or the tiles.

    The floors in the Style of Provence. The sexual structures on the Board or tile (usually terracotta or pale brown with beveled corners). In the provincial houses of this style can be found both painted and untreated boards. Definitely for apartments in Provencal style is not suitable, the following materials, laminate, parquet, carpet and linoleum.

    Ceilings in the style of Provence. They, as usual, covered with light colour paint. Often use decorative ceiling beams – usually contrasting dark or bleached out.

    Doors in the style of Provence. For rooms in the style of Provence need to choose white doors. You can choose wooden doors, paint them with white paint and perform artificial aging of the surface. White doors are often decorated with floral paintings.
    Window style of Provence. Ideal for Provence-interiors is to install French Windows from floor(window-door). But in our apartments it is almost not possible, but you can install new Windows with made in the form of short sections covers. The color of the window frames also, as a rule, white.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    The style of Provence. Furniture

    Furniture in Provence style is sure wicker, wood or wrought iron. Materials like PVC, MDF, chipboard and other modern things for rooms of style of Provence are obviously going to fall out of the desired direction. Chrome, glass and Nickel-plated elements of furniture used in Provence not apply.

    If there is not enough money to buy quality furniture made of solid wood, and I wish to create a Provencal interior, you can purchase furniture from natural materials, made with imitation wood texture or color.

    The furniture is not suitable for finishing and color can be painted with your own hands. Such is typical for the style of Provence: even bulky wooden furniture, our style is painted with a light paint. For designs Provencal interiors often used artificially or naturally aged furniture with bald spots, scuffs, scratches, cracks, defects, paint.

    Furniture Provence — rough, solid and rustic, which is typical of country style. But for Provencal designs furniture is not such bulky, as, for example, for traditional English, German or American country.

    The most frequently used furniture in Provence style is a chest of drawers, buffets, cabinets with drawers and mezzanines, bookcases, benches, tables, benches and cabinets, dining massive tables. Cabinets are selected at lower altitudes. For the colour of furniture you prefer cream, white, pale green, lilac, light brown. Sometimes the facades of the furniture is decorated with floral paintings.

    For Provence style upholstery is not often performed in monochromatic light manner, mostly they are under the cage drapery, floral or stripes. Often, use a lot of decorative cushions. Sofas are typically simple with armrests made of wood, or on the contrary refined with rounded armrests and the canopy. Chairs wicker mostly, at least – the leather or to match the sofa.

    Beds choose the large size, wrought iron or with wooden headboards and legs. The interior in the Provence style is generally very rich in things wrought is and can be and shelves, legs of tables and chairs, and backless benches.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    The Provence style in the interior. Textiles

    The interior in the style of Provence are not deprived of fabrics, from bleached fabrics used linen, coarse cotton, and simple cotton. Usually with the patterning on the fabrics, often it is flowers, at least – cage or a strip.

    Cushions, curtains, napkins, tablecloths sewn from fabrics with floral ornament. Curtains are often framed with ruffles, sometimes for greater originality and drape them doing the garter ribbons. For bedrooms bed cover quilted bedspread all in the same traditional flower.

    In addition, the designs Provencal interiors often you can find lace decor, lace covers on the pillows, crochet doilies, tablecloths and such etc.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    The Provencal style. Lighting, decor, accessories

    For the style of Provence, usually use wrought-iron chandeliers and sconces, floor lamps and lamps. Lampshades usually made of traditional fabric with floral prints.

    The interior decoration in provençal style, comes with wicker and forged elements of the decor – it can be vases, candleholders, baskets, plates, planters, boxes, etc. fill Free wall floral still lifes and landscapes, decorative trays, fancy wall clock, wrought iron shelves, chandeliers, mirrors in simple frames painted. The interior in the style of Provence is almost always at least one figure of the rooster is a historical symbol of France.

    It is also important to leave plenty of space for plants living in pots, fresh cut flowers, dried compositions, bundles of various herbs beneath the ceiling.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    The kitchen interior in Provence style

    More info on interior kitchen as one of the most warm and welcoming space. Kitchen interior in the style of Provence, usually, is made of light tones. Kitchen furniture used white and beige, and blue, and green, and light brown. Kitchen countertops not infrequently made of the same material from which the finished apron – natural or decorative stone. For design modern interiors in the style of Provence can be found the kitchen facades form a sieve, which also reminds us of the old rural Provence.

    For kitchen uses a lot of colorful tableware made of ceramic with a floral pattern and woven items – baskets, baskets, vases, etc. On the seats of chairs laid out fabric cushions or covers. In the dining area, massive dining table almost always are napkins and tablecloth. On the Central part of the table – a vase with fresh bouquet of flowers.

    A Central element of the cuisine Provencal style must be the focus. Oven finished with stone or glazed bricks, decorated with wrought-iron objects. But since the oven in our apartments not to supply, as the source acts as the plate on which the master often mounted chimney range hood that very well conveys the spirit of Provence, and brings practical benefits.

    In the end: the Provence Style in the interior kitchen, modern inhabitant of a megacity is quite time-consuming and not easy to operate. When choosing the style of the room, it is important to weigh the pros and cons, as some negative can be outweighed by arguments inherent to this style with comfort and charm.

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    Country style and Provence style. Differences

    What are the main differences of Provence, allowing you to know exactly the style and not to be confused with the country of another state? Undoubtedly, all rustic styles have a lot in common, but the style of Provence has its own nuances:

    -when decorating the interior are not bright colors are used – they are mostly pastel, muted;

    -used wooden furniture items for the style of Provence, usually whitewashed, decorated with paintings, floral;

    -in the interior of Provence style a lot of very bright fabrics with floral ornament – any other ethnic type of country is not present such amount of “blooming” of textiles;

    — used wrought-iron elements are more delicate, graceful that, in General, are not inherent in either the province of the Scandinavian or American country;

    -the dwelling of the style of Provence, is distinguished by a certain minimalism, and even a kind of “coldness”, because in the Provence region is quite Sunny and hot, resulting to the premises is reproduced artificially cool the atmosphere. Walls are usually finished in white with an average amount of decor.

    — for olive areas are usually used large Windows, which is not always found in other types of country because of the differences in climatic conditions.

    Of course, not everything can be implemented in modern conditions of our apartments, but the main thing – not to follow exactly all the nuances and play the necessary Association. And what are the main Association associated with a particular style? Summer, sea, sun, flower-filled meadows, the smell of grass, the smell of spices and dried plants. And creating such an atmosphere, it is not necessary to follow all the rules, the main thing is choosing the Provence style in the interior, will invest to create all the warmth of his soul.

    The Provence style in the interior photo

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьереУютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьереУютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьереУютный стиль прованс в интерьере

    Уютный стиль прованс в интерьереУютный стиль прованс в интерьере

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