Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

In the interior of any kitchen glass dining tables produce a delightfully pleasant experience. Such table attracts the eye, looks super stylish design gives the kitchen a special charm and originality.

Shimmer, transparency, reflection and Shine to make furniture from glass great. Technology in the modern world allow us to create glass furniture in such a way that it is and yet extremely robust, reliable and safe. Such glass furniture almost impossible to shatter. That is why glass do not only produce shelves, display cases, and furniture facades, but also table tops for dining tables to the kitchen. And although the tabletop is used quite actively, in many cases, glass dining tables serve as long as possible.

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    Countertops glass tables for the kitchen are made of transparent, tinted or frosted glass. Frosted glass often has a slightly greenish color is because that is the natural hue of glass. If you don’t need to be in the palette of interior design kitchen this color, but the need to reduce the transparency of glass, it is better to choose a dining table with tinted top essential colors.

    Legs and underframe for tables glass more either wooden or chrome. Rarely wrought iron, wicker or plastic.

    In some cases, the glass tabletop is framed. Frame in such a case, usually made of similar material as that of the underframe.

    Modern glass tables for kitchen quite often underframe is complemented by a shelf. Exterior shelves brushed often processed using one of the latest technologies (for example, using sandblasting).

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Glass table for kitchen interior

    The main advantages of the glass table. Transparent design glass table in the kitchen looks weightless. This property makes it indispensable in the case that the task is visually lighten the space. Opaque table of any design and the same size will always look more massive and bulky.

    If you need dimensions for a kitchen table, you should pay all your attention on the glass, since it weighs much lighter than wood for example.

    The glass is very impressive – it is able to reflect light and Shine. It makes the atmosphere of the kitchen is the most mysterious charming or joyful and solemn.

    Tempered glass does not how much humidity and high temperatures. In the interior of the kitchen, which is often a lot of cooking, preferable a glass table than for example wood. Of course, you can purchase a table of plastic, but glass would be much more elegant and beautiful. Plus, glass is an environmentally friendly material.

    Glass dining table will suit any style. Glass tables in the interior of the kitchen in the last few years managed to “fill-old” – too common and popular this piece of furniture from glass. Today you can read a lot of criticism about glass kitchen tables. They say, and they are not always out of place and corny. There was even the cliché that the glass table for the kitchen – it is purely “high-t” solution.

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Yes, glass is often used in high-tech interiors in modern styles. But we must remember that the glass is an absolutely versatile material. Consequently, in the case of a dining table, the decisive factor has not the countertop, and kitchen chairs and underframe, i.e. the material from which they are made.

    Legs and podstolja is made of aluminum or chromium is a solution for the kitchen interior in modern style hi-tech. Combine the table with ultra modern chairs – plastic or on the frame finished with chrome.

    Graceful or massive legs of wood and wood underframe will allow the glass table perfectly fit into the kitchen in classic style. Countertop with wooden frame will give a more noble kind of glass table. In this case, into the dining-room you can include the wooden classic chairs with upholstery textiles.

    Glass kitchen table could fit to the interior of the kitchen even in country or ethnic style. In the second case it is better to choose a glass table with wicker or rough wood podstolja and identical chairs. It is also possible and finish podstolja through the skin. If the table top is made of transparent glass, the emphasis is now placed on underframe, and the surface of the countertop remains not only visible functional element.

    For the style of Provence, or country is well suited elegant table made of glass for the kitchen in wrought-figured legs.

    Glass table is quite versatile: it can be suitable for most styles of interiors, as the countertop made of glass does not dictate, but only performs its main function, while remaining virtually invisible.

    However, above we discussed a colourless transparent glass. Glass table top colored, definitely will attract much more attention. Incidentally, the color of the glass table tops can also emphasize the style. So for example, a glass table in black color for the kitchen allows you to create a “Gothic” or glamorous interior.

    Even modern traditional kitchen will look much more elegant if to pick up for her Desk with a black top. Because the black color in the interior of the kitchen allows you to create a visual atmosphere of luxury.

    A good contrast is obtained if black top dining table complement the chairs white. Dining room black-and-white – fashion design idea. But to apply it is only when the furniture in the kitchen is made in white or black color.

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Glass top dining table can be made in virtually any colors. Kitchen table made in rich colors can be a bright colour accent in the kitchen monochrome design or be combined with the kitchen fronts in color. A colour glass countertop is a design decision that fit into the kitchen interior designed in the spirit of colorful pop art or modern style.

    Chairs to the glass table. Glass as a material combined with almost anything. However, the glass table has a underframe – the color and texture of which should be guided by making selections of chairs. For example, if the legs of the table underframe and chromed, and the chairs are better to buy in frame finished with chrome. The upholstery of the chairs can be almost anyone – this applies to both color and material.

    Modern glass table fit chairs of any color – in light, pastel and very bright, acidic. The table will be the subject of neutral interior, and chairs will be a bright color accent. Under certain circumstances you can even choose chairs of different colors or different shapes.

    To weightless the glass table in modern style, you can find transparent chairs made of plastic. This transparent mix is the perfect solution for small kitchens and more.

    The glass table has a wooden underframe is well suited wooden chairs in a classic style.

    Almost any glass table, disregarding the shape and material of the legs, it is possible to choose leather chairs with hidden or partially hidden frame.

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни


    • If you want to put a dining table in the kitchen next to the window, facing the sun, carefully weigh everything before you make your choice in favour of glass countertops. The thing is that on the surface of glass quite often to fingerprints and stains. In daylight the sunlight they are clearly visible. Will you day after day wipe clean your glass table?
    • For some people, it is extremely unpleasant sound of friction of cookware on the glass. If you close the table with the tablecloth, such noise will not be, but then why buy a glass table, if its surface will be permanently closed fabric? As a consequence, the tablecloth should be abandoned in favor of special supports under the plate and table runner. Poturalski and the slider will only close a small part of the countertop, allowing to protect the most actively exploited seats from scratches and will eliminate the noise.

      Along with this countertop glass table is visually weightless feel. By the way, placemats and runner will also facilitate periodic maintenance of glass table top: it will not have so often to RUB using means for washing of glass surfaces.

    • If you table top glass table made of transparent glass, then is permanently open to the eyes of the one placed under it. If shelf is set in the underframe, then it can be placed decorative elements — for example, a small bowl of fruit or pebbles, decorative candles or a floral arrangement, etc. Also, if desired, and a certain skill, the bottom shelf can unusually decorate or paint using the techniques of decoupage. If the bottom shelf is missing, you can under the table to pick up a beautiful small rug.

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    How to buy glass table

    What peculiarities and criteria you should pay attention when buying?

    • The quality of the glass. Particular attention will show when viewed from all parts of the table. If they are high quality, on their surface and edges there should be no scratches, no chips, and glass table tops – no air cavities, or other contaminants.
    • The reliability of the design. Absolutely all items required to be bonded reliable connections at the joints of glass with metal or wood must be the seals, but the quality of components and materials should not cause doubts. This is especially true for kitchen tables-transformers.
    • The reputation of the manufacturer. Make sure that glass table really made of quality tempered glass, and it was sufficiently reliable, strong and safe.

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Glass table for kitchen photo

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

    Выбираем стеклянный стол для кухниВыбираем стеклянный стол для кухни

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