Как выбрать и где купить микроволновую печь

It is difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a microwave. In the list you need for a comfortable life appliances, it occupies a leading position. A good furnace will save time, deprived of having to wash a lot of dishes will help to warm or cook food even a man far removed from cooking. Modern models allow you not only warm, but also defrost food, cook in the grill mode and convection.

Microwave oven to buy thousands of stores online, but how not to get lost and choose the perfect model for their own needs or use family? To understand this issue, we offer a further review of important indicators, and functions.

Popular varieties

There are three main types of furnaces:

• Solo microwave oven — is to use only microwave radiation. These models are usually the most inexpensive, they are ideal in the home. This can in the microwave and dinner to heat up, and hot deli sandwiches, and the meat is defrosted.
• The grill is equipped with a heating element, allowing you to bake meat, fish and vegetables to the crust. The element can be metal, ceramic or quartz. This oven can do much to replace the oven, and even has an important advantage: unlike the oven, the microwave has a rotating pan that ensures even baking. When you turn off the grill this oven works as a regular microwave.
• Microwave with convection — ideal for lovers of baking. Function convection involves the circulation of hot air around the food, ensuring even cooking and preservation of useful properties of products. However, this method of cooking requires a large amount of electricity, and the system itself is not cheap.

The volume

Capacity microwave is an important parameter. If you buy a device in a bachelor pad and don’t want to spend extra electricity, choose an oven with a volume of 12-14 liters. For a couple would be enough of 17-20 litres, and for a large family needs the volume to 30 liters. Please note that ovens with a large amount of need also if you are going to cook large meals like pizza for company, a whole chicken or pork shank.


The power rating in the description of the microwave allows to conclude that for some tasks it can be used. For this indicator, all furnaces are divided into five categories:

• Up to 500 W — ideal for defrosting and cooking delicate foods. Such models are well suited for not too rapid heating ready meals, sandwiches or meals on the basis of already finished products.
• Up to 800 watts — rapid heating and slow cooking all products.
• Up to 1000 watts — handle all products, fast heat and defrost.
• 1200 W cooking mode grill.
• 1350 watts of cooking baking and meat in convection mode.

In addition, the selection should take into account the price, additional features, management features and configuration. To consider the entire range of microwave ovens from different manufacturers who offer online shopping, there is a convenient online service e-katalog.ru. The website presents products of more than 1,000 stores across Russia with a detailed description of the characteristics. There is available search that lets you filter the products according to set parameters, and comparative tables of different models.