Как выбрать комод?

All ingenious is simple! Since then, as in the XVIII came into use first in the chests, replacing rough chests, this piece of furniture is firmly established in the list of needed items for any home. No wonder its name translates from French as “comfortable” and meet the dresser in every room. How do you avoid mistakes in choosing the perfect chest of drawers, suitable for your needs and interior?

Как выбрать комод?

Varieties of dressers

For a start, it is necessary to Orient among the huge variety of dressers. Every country and era chose their shapes and decoration, for example, in Victorian England, a chest of drawers decorated with white lacquer and carvings in the form of a garland, the French created a very narrow and compact chests, and in America popular painted panels and carved legs.

Modern dressers differ primarily in the configuration and sizes. For example, the miniature represent chests with two drawers. It offers both wide and low tables in the Oriental style, and tiny shelves for small spaces that often serve as stand under the TV or even puffs. Very often, such drawers no drawers, only open shelves, which look very impressive decorative baskets for small items.

Как выбрать комод?

Reminder: it is very important to correctly determine the dimensions, therefore, immediately identify clear dimensions of the space designated for the dresser. When purchasing be sure to measure the distance from the back wall to the edge of the drawers or the open door. It should be less than the initially allocated for chest space.

The most common and popular are dressers with three or four drawers. These models are roomy and functional and depending on the decor, you can come to absolutely any room and interior style. Want a chest of drawers drew the attention in the room? On the top shelf create an elaborate decorative composition: table lamp, a beautiful vase or a statuette, add their picture or family photos in interesting frames.

Как выбрать комод?

Tall dresser with five units can replace a full wardrobe from the point of view of capacity, however, may look too bulky. To brighten up this impression, it is better to give preference to a narrow model of chest of drawers with five drawers that would look more elegant and visually increase the ceiling height.

External differences. Select decor

Modern cabinets are not only different number of boxes and dimensions. Great importance is the front side. For example, the cabinets with glass doors are easy to replace sideboard or showcase for beautiful glassware or your favorite collection of things and is perfect for living room, dining room.

Reminder: open shelves and glass surface create the impression of lightness and is not visually clutter the space. This is a great option for those who want to preserve the illusion filled with light and air space.

Как выбрать комод?

Tired of the monotonous decisions? Select the drawers in which the drawers combined with open and closed shelves. The first will allow you to conveniently store heavy and fragile items, and with the second you will be able to create interesting interior accents. Interesting arrangement of drawers and shelves looks more rapidly and easily, and niches can be highlighted with contrasting colors or other material that will give your chest an extra twist.


Dressers made from a variety of materials from budget to luxury particle Board solid wood. The best combination of price and quality can become a chest of drawers with fronts made of durable and attractive appearance MDF and interior drawers and cubicles from flakeboard. However, keep in mind that the shelves are usually stronger drawers that can be made from thin chipboard and are not suitable for storing heavy items.

Как выбрать комод?

Memo: thickness of the rear wall of the chest should be not less than 6 mm so as not to bend under the weight of things loaded boxes. The boxes themselves should adjoin densely to the back wall, and in closed form between the panels should not be cracks and gaps.

If you like the modern style and hi-tech, you can choose a chest of drawers with glass and metal accents and a layered coating of glossy varnish, which will not only look stylish, but also visually expand the room.

Compare the pros and cons of chests for different premises

The choice of optimum drawers will not only depend on its dimensions and material, but also the style of your interior and functional purpose of the premises. Classic carved chest of drawers with curved legs in a high-tech interior is also inappropriate as a model with a changing table in the room of an elderly person. It is therefore necessary to determine in advance as to how you want it and for what specific purposes are you purchasing the chest, because in each case the fore some nuances.

Как выбрать комод?

Reminder: to get things out of the chest children and the elderly will be much easier than normal Cabinet, as there is no need to reach for things, enough to fully open the drawer.

If the drawers are going to take a seat in the living room, to the forefront of his appearance. Glass doors, open shelves and any other interesting decor will be an advantage of this dresser. Of course, have to take care about the accessories that will take a prominent place on the shelf above or behind clear glass. Useful functional addition of drawers in a small apartment, will become the combined locker-table, allowing you to organize your workspace in literally any corner of the living room.

Fundamental for chest of drawers in the bedroom will be its capacity and reliability, as it will withstand the serious load in the form of bedspreads, linens and other textiles. An additional nice advantage may be a built-in mirror, which turns the dresser into a convenient dressing table.

Как выбрать комод?

For chest in children the main quality should be the safety and sustainability of materials and quality. Make sure in the reliability of the accessories: handles, guide rails, latching, and in that in the manufacture of the dresser was not used toxic paint and glue, because this piece of furniture should stand, when a curious child will want to turn the drawers in the stairs or hang on one of them.

Reminder: the limiter prevents the drawers from the frame of the dresser is a necessary security measure in the nursery!

Как выбрать комод?

Practical solution for a child can become a chest of drawers with changing table on top of which the growth of the baby will be just storage of things.

Dresser for the kitchen should primarily be in harmony with the main kitchen, to be practical from the standpoint of cleaning and placing of kitchen utensils.

Memo: a chest of drawers from solid wood will become a real decoration of the kitchen a classic or country style and will serve your family for years to come.

In the hallway dresser can be very useful for storing Essentials close at hand the little things: keys, bags, umbrellas, gloves, etc. Given the generally small area hallways, it is better to choose a narrow and compact model with plenty of small compartments for everything, which will not take much space but will allow you to maintain order literally from your doorstep.

Chest — multi-functional, practical and beautiful piece of furniture, which can be useful in any house. Choose a chest of drawers for every taste can be easily in the online shop Capital”.