Компания «Ладный Дом» подготовила коллекцию эксклюзивных отделочных материалов

The effect of antique and high performance are the distinctive features of hand-moulded bricks Nelissen. Will prepare exclusive material for shipment to the customer and arrange delivery to site of construction company “fine house”.

Компания «Ладный Дом» подготовила коллекцию эксклюзивных отделочных материалов

Until November 1, 2016, the offer is “Right at Home”: the decline in the prices of a collection of brick and tile Belgian producer Nelissen Brickworks.

The comfort of living is of great value, but never goes by the wayside in the desire of the owners to live in a beautiful house, unlike any other structure. To realize any creative idea allows the use of exclusive finishing materials.

So will transform the appearance of the existing building or give the original exterior of the new houses are brick or tile is hand-formed, made from clay produced in the quarry of Kesselt plateau (Limburg, Belgium). Almost a hundred years, manufactures face brick, hand-formed family business Nelissen Brickworks grew up in a modern production company, preserving a tradition of making high quality products meeting modern standard NBN EN ISO 9002. The material used in molding bricks Nelissen, its unique composition does not allow the efflorescence. Brick is porous enough to absorb the moisture, not allowing her inside the house. The rough texture of the front surface gives the finishing effect of the brickwork of ancient castles.

Unique natural color scheme and unique performance characteristics output hand-formed brick of the materials for elite construction. The company “fine House” — the official representative Nelissen — delivers dozens of models of bricks and tiles are hand-moulded from Belgium. In Saint Petersburg there is always in stock a sufficient number of exclusive lining material — here the goods can be picked up by self. Given the location of storage centers, logistics companies will help to optimize the cost of shipping bricks (tiles) to the object of construction — they will pick for each delivery form of transport or will be linked in complex cargo.

To take advantage of our autumn offer “Right at Home” can the owners of private homes, and large real estate developers, erecting the house of a class DeLuxe. In the case of low-rise construction elegant facade is not only a perfect fit into the natural landscape, but will remain attractive for many years, as the Nelissen bricks is resistant to the effects of precipitation. The architects propose a sufficient number of standard projects of buildings, but the unique finish will mark out any house in the city and in the cottage.