How to change your life and do not hurt yourself. Safety

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

So you’ve decided to start a new life and have already read a lot of useful articles on the topic self made, congratulations! Unfortunately, in every barrel of honey has its own spoon, able, if not to spoil the good start, it is possible to knock the right attitude and spend a lot of your time. Not all self-development techniques are equally effective for all types of people, and some of them are better to try on with some caution. I will try to note not only the advantages but also the pitfalls of the most popular techniques of personal growth and hope that you don’t scare off potential difficulties.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

Healthy habits every day

Scientists have proven that to build a strong enough habit 21 days to repeat the desired action, and you are regularly jog in the morning or keep a diary.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

Pros. Repetitive actions are really able to change your daily lifestyle in a positive way. Method exactly works in practice, because you once taught to brush their teeth and wash tea Cup. If it worked when you did not know how to tie shoelaces properly, then and in conscious age, you are quite able to get used to doing something new and useful!

Cons. Good habits work only on the external level of consciousness and do not solve your deep internal problems and crises. You may wean yourself biting your nails or eating pies when I’m nervous, however, is to begin to understand what makes you all the time to be nervous or experiencing anxiety.
In addition, people of creative warehouse often sickened by the very idea of repetitive routine. To deceive myself on the way to useful habits, you may want to act more cleverly, for example, to register itself in the plan of the day several useful actions that you would like to turn into habits, but don’t blame yourself, if you do only get one in the mood. One good habit is better than none, isn’t it?

Exit the comfort zone

The aphorism that life really begins beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone, not heard only deaf person, totally devoid of the Internet. And now many make extreme adventure, parachute jumping, or throw a boring job without a penny in his pocket.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

Pros. If your life is really monotonous and moves in thumb strip: “home-work”, perhaps to add something new never hurts. Furthermore, bold steps and overcome your fears is always very good impact on self-esteem, because you can do it!

Cons. If your life is so full of stress and sharp turns excess shake-up is hardly useful to you. Also consider that if you are not an adrenaline junkie, the positive effect of such shocks will be short-lived. Skydive on the weekends you will definitely cheer you up and might get to discover something new, but on Monday you’ll be back in a familiar environment, in which from that nothing really will change.

This method is good as a temporary promotion for those who are generally satisfied with their lives, but for regular use it is hardly appropriate.

SMART goals and planning

Known system of setting SMART goals (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time Based) known to many and is widely used in management and business. According to it, any your goal should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-limited. If you find attracting your goal and define it for the above parameters, achieving desired not far off.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

Pros. Clear goal setting and planning really helps set the vector of the movement of life and escape from the “rat race”. This method is perfect for rationally thinking people and shows that are achievable for even the most ambitious dreams. Break inspiring you aim for a specific list of simple actions and commence their gradual implementation!

Cons. Alas, smoothly this method only works in robots, because it does not take into account your crises, emotional outbursts and strong feelings. Without serious psychological work on the way to the cherished goal, great chance to slip out of the procrastination and give up. The conclusion is obvious: before you conquer Everest and other life goals, you should think about finding harmony with yourself and the solution to your psychological problems, if they exist, of course.

Wish visualization and positive thinking

Imagine, better write it down, draw or make a collage of what you would like to receive from life. Try to think positive, because a clear view about the desired and correct language is able to lead the desired in your life.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности
“Wall of inspiration” from Alaina Kaczmarski

Pros. A positive attitude, fighting with decadent thoughts through NLP and constant maintenance of high degrees of positive emotions, of course, useful daily practice for everyone. Many believe that this is enough to turn their dreams into reality, most importantly, to visualize them thoroughly on “wishes” and to drive away negative thoughts. In the logic of this approach just can not refuse.

Cons. Too gullible and emotional people often wishful thinking, completely trying to hide from any negative thoughts and emotions and losing touch with reality. Alas, one collage of your dreams on the wall for the implementation of desires is not enough. You might want to change your approach to life and attitude on a deeper level?

Definitely worth to cultivate faith in himself, starting at the level of thoughts and words, however, do not forget that negative emotions are signals that something goes wrong, and sometimes should think about their root causes, and not indefinitely be suppressed.

Awareness. To be “here and now”

Many things in life we do automatically and completely thoughtless. A full awareness of the present moment helps to get pleasure from the process and control their actions, changing their lives for the better without routine and other people’s stereotypes.

Как изменить свою жизнь и не навредить себе при этом. Техника безопасности

Pros. You stop doing 10 things at once, out of habit, to overeat, to run an errand, not looking around, and ignore their own emotional sphere.

Cons. By itself, this technique is very useful but has no big changes. You can learn to get the pleasure of communicating with loved ones without the distraction of the smartphone, and to feel happy, enjoying the first morning coffee “here and now”. However, if your “here and now” you do not like may need more urgent action and a clear vision of what I would like to change in your life.

Does this mean that all the techniques of awareness and self-development quackery? Not at all! They are all effective in their own way, however, you are unlikely to find a single and comprehensive that in one fell swoop will solve all your problems and take into Nirvana. You should try different techniques, combining and combining different techniques personally, to bring into your life more positive and meaningful. We are all unique and that is why you should not believe those who promise universal pill, another thing is that mindless alloy with the flow of life is worse than the method of trial and error in the spiritual search. Good luck to you!

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