Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

How many times in your life have you tried to get your house in order? How many times then watched as things start to crawl around the room like cockroaches, filling all the horizontal plane and turning the cabinets and drawers in the abode of chaos? Likewise, sometimes you want to put in order all his life, spreading the thoughts through everything and getting rid of all the unnecessary, outdated and dismal.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари
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Most of us think that cleaning does not have to learn and think about it nothing special: just rearrange things, something thrown away and wipe the dust. The result of this approach famous — the mess is back again like a boomerang. Japanese girl Marie Kondo approached the issue of cleaning systematically and thoughtfully and as a result wrote a book “Magical housekeeping. Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life” that has become an international and national bestseller.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

Mary maid is a “special event” and must be carried out once and for all within one space. More simply is not required. Don’t believe that’s possible? At first I also doubt, but the results are truly breathtaking! Especially when you stand out, at first glance, tidy Studio apartment twentieth a bag of rubbish and catch yourself on only one thought: “what was I thinking, years keeping this incomprehensible garbage?”. In this case the most interesting that are changing not only your environment but also all life, as if with unnecessary things get rid of the feelings and thoughts that “kills the air”, and in return receive a sense of space and lightness.

What are the magic cleaning konmari?

Rule 1. Why do you need this cleaning? What lifestyle do you aspire?

Answer one simple question: “why do I need this total maid?”. What lifestyle would you like to come? The more detailed you will be able to imagine it, the more impressive the result will end up.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари
Pottery Barn

You want to have more space to practice yoga, and your health has improved? Want to create a cozy space to catch “feeling at home” and not just places where you come to sleep and change clothes? Want to change your life by getting rid of things, avivausa memories about a relationship that has outlived its usefulness? Causes may be very different, as long as you are sincerely missed.

Rule 2. Selection rule: keep only what makes you happy

We’ve all heard the advice: every time you throw one thing, when you buy a new or store the unnecessary and broken items. Does it helped you to maintain order every day? Didn’t it start cleaning with the firm intention to throw out the trash, you discovered yourself through 4 hours of viewing old photos or trying on a blouse forgotten?

To throw away things, especially your emotions and memories, really difficult. Method Kenmare offers to go on the contrary, focusing not on what needs to be thrown away, and that I want to keep.

Tip: don’t start parsing things with complex categories, such as photos or keepsakes. Hold at first for something simple, for example, socks or household chemicals.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

Take every thing in your hand and feel if it makes you happier! If the answer is Yes, leave, if not, discard or give it to somebody to whom it is useful. You can help the subsidiary questions: awakens this thing to my love; will it help to decide on what I haven’t done before; if it inspires me?

Rule 3. Deal only with one category within the same period of time

Most advice on cleaning recommends that you clean a little bit every day or start with one room and move to the next, only when it is fully retracted. Perhaps you even tried to follow these tips. The fact that you are reading this article, a great sign that they do not work as they should.

The trap is that one category of things rarely are in one place. Examining wardrobe, you forget that the clothes still hanging in the closet in the hallway or on the back of the chair. Books and magazines are found everywhere, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and stationery occupy the territory like ants. In the end, you did not even imagine how many similar items you have!

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

Should get to by category and not on the premises. Collect all things of the same type (for example, clothes or bags) and fold this mountain of things in one place in front of him. Likely to prove that you have a lot of duplicate and completely forgotten things. Now move on to rule # 2 and safely dispose of unneeded.

Tip: try not to involve relatives (especially parents) to harvest. In most cases, they will hinder you drastically get rid of unnecessary, and in fact this process is deeply intimate.

Rule 4. Store items vertically

If space is limited, vertical storage of clothes, books, cosmetics, bedding, papers and any other items will help to save space. In addition, such things always in mind and not worried from that on top of them crush other items.

Rule 5. What store things? Everything you need is already at your fingertips!

In stores weight beautiful boxes, jars, organizers and pouches to store everything you want. Of course, you can buy something that makes you happy and is pleasing to the eye, standing in a prominent place.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

For everything else you already have suitable containers — boxes and Shoe their lids. First aid kit, tools, household linen, kit for crafts or stationery — just place them in the available boxes and the order is guaranteed.

Rule 6. Clothes in the closet from light to dark

To restore order in the closet and in the dresser with clothes and underwear is often the most difficult. Marie recommends that you keep in the closet from darker, heavy and long things to lighter, short and light products from left to right. As a result, psychologically it creates a sense of lightness and flight that fills you with positive energy. It is also desirable to hang clothes one category, such as jackets, next to each other.

Как уборка в доме может раз и навсегда изменить вашу жизнь? Метод конмари

Tip: respect the little things, such as, their socks and tights. Never tie a knot and roll into balls since they are noticeably stretched and deteriorate. Let things relax in comfort.

Rule 7. First of all, you should be comfortable putting things in place and not get them

This principle, at first glance, to be aware not so simple, though its idea is quite simple: don’t put things back where they are easy to get, and where they are also quick and convenient to put.

How it works in practice? Do every thing in house must be one and only one well-defined place, which will be known to all family members. For example, you want to put somewhere the log that you want to read, so put it there, so where are all your logs! If you’re going to need to do a few extra steps won’t be a giant difficulty, but you don’t have to spend time looking, running between the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

Rule 8. Observe visual hygiene

We live in a world of domination of visual information. Advertising, billboards and bright packaging literally haunting us at every step. Try to create a home for maximum visual silence, it will help you to relax and feel the peace of being on their own territory.

If possible get rid of the labels on cosmetics, cosmetics and other packaging, do not abuse yourself live and let your eyes a rest! In addition, over time, this will help you to respond to less Intrusive advertising, etc.

No design and habitation, alas, will not help you cope with the mess and to feel inner harmony. But if there is a method that can help to solve this problem once and for all, it is worth the risk to try? I tried it and know it really works!

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